My first pork shoulder

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jack bbq, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. I am new to smoking and this forum. I have a MES 30 and smoked a picnic shoulder yesterday. After preheating to 275 and filling the water tray with hot water, I cooked at 225 for 10.5 hours and 250 for the last hour. I used the Mild Bubba Q Rub I found on this site. Good flavor in the rub, but I will increase the heat in the future. I used hickory chips for the first 5 hours. My vent was wide open during smoking, then closed the rest of the way. I took out the shoulder at 205 degrees and let it rest for 30 minutes under a foil tent before pulling.

    I had great bark and big time smoke flavor.

    It came out great, so I'm not sure if I'd do anything differently the next time. It definitely helped to pick up tips on this forum.
  2. uncle eddie

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    Looks great!

    What sauces were you pairing it with?
  3. I actually went without any sauces. I wanted to make sure I tasted the meat to see if I wanted to tweak my rub/cooking process. I know a sauce can enhance the flavor, so I'll spend some time in the forums to get ideas from other people. I'm not a vinegar guy, so I'll have to put something together without that ingredient.
  4. Very nice liking butt you got there. There area couple of finishing sauces from this site that are dynamite. Basically you put some on after you pull it. You can do this with individual servings as served. I tried it and was surprised how well it went with the pork.
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    Real nice job on your first PP!

    It looks delicious!

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    Looks great!  I've never done PP on anything but an SRG, and probably need to try it on another type of cooker.
  7. sauced

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    Great looking PP!!! I am a vinegar guy and use a vinegar based mop sauce and add a little bbq sauce onto the sandwich, top with a South Carolina mustard based cole slaw, some smoked beans, sweet corn on the cob and a tall ice cold beer!!!! is good!!

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