My first pork butt!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mommytanya, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I finally got to use my smoker for the first time yesterday (aside from seasoning it). I decided to do a pork butt and followed the step by step instruction provided by Bearcarver.

    Put a rub on the 7lb pork butt at 11 pm (next time I'm going to let it sit longer). Woke up at 4 to take it out of the fridge and soak the wood chips (hickory). Woke up again at 5:30 to preheat the smoker. It took longer than I had anticipated and I made the mistake of putting my wood in while it was preheating. I didn't get to put my meat in until 6:15.

    I only had one thermometer when I started so I put it through a potato to measure the ambient temperature. I went out and bought another thermometer. Then
    at 11:30 I checked the temp of my meat 150*. At 1:45 my temp reached 165* so I put the butt in a pan with apple juice and cover it with foil.

    I then made the mistake of running to the store and left my mom in charge I came home and the temp was 257*. I tried to bring it down but the meat temp started to skyrocket. By 3:00 it was already 197*. I was nervous by 4:00 the temp reached 203* and didn't ever increase. I pulled it out at 5:15. We at at 6.

    I tried to keep my temps between 230* and 245*. My meat was delicious! Everyone loved it and we made rhino sandwiches - grilled cheese filled with Mac and cheese and pulled pork.

    A question for the pro in his directions Bearcarver said he doesn't probe incurred meat until it reaches 135* but how did he know the temp without a thermometer? Thanks! I can't wIt until next weekend to smoke something else. I really want to try my heard at bacon!
  2. Those sandwiches look awesome!!! They definitely make me hungry. Nice Job. Thumbs Up
  3. Looks like you nailed it. That meat looks awesome..

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    Congrats on the smoke, great job.... It all looks real tasty ! :kewl:
  5. Most excellent looking Pork!!   As for your temps hitting 257F Don't worry about it!!  I do mine between 240 and 260 all the time.. 


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