My first pork butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by thicon6, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. My first attempt at a pork butt.  Your suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

  2. smokinal

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    The PP looks real good, wish you would have made a sammie with it with some slaw for the final shot!
  3. berninga87

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    Cool video, I'm pretty new myself, but pork butts are what I've mainly focused on to start with(they are very forgiving). The way I've been doing it is by religiously sticking to 3 rules, 225, 200, and TBS only! I keep my smoke chamber as close to 225 degrees as possible for the duration on the cook. Cook the butt to 200 degrees and let rest for at least a half hour( I let mine rest for 1 hr), the temp wont fall very far. TBS(thin blue smoke). Not long ago, I thought smoking meant cooking with smoke, any smoke(its just smoke right? wrong!). TBS is accomplished by complete combustion of fuel being burned, incomplete combustion results in thick white smoke TWS, and leaves a bitter, nasty flavor on food. Proper air flow and fuel make TBS possible(many threads on this to see using search). As far as flavoring, use your favorite rub recipe or you can buy one at the supermarket, otherwise, the meat will pretty much flavor itself. These methods have produced some amazing pulled pork for me and my family, and all my knowledge thus far has been obtained from the fine folks on this forum. They really know their stuff!
  4. Thicon, that was an excellent video. That PP looked great. [​IMG]

    Happy Smokin'

  5. Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I'm looking forward to doing another one soon.  Any suggestion regarding smoking food in the winter?
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    Wear some long jons........[​IMG]

    pp looks good

  7. berninga87

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    If you are able to keep your temps up go for it! Otherwise learn about cold smoking, that's what I'm doing. Haha I have a hard enough time holding 225 when it's 60 and sunny!

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