My First Pork Butt, with QView

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ragnor2004, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Hey All,

    So this morning I put on my first Pork Butt and decided to let it go while I'm at work today, I plan to check it on my lunch break and add some woods chunks if needed.

    I'm using a little Master Forge Electric smoker and have it set far away from the house some I'm not worried about anything happening just making it through the day thinking of mouth watering PP.



    My butt this morning.

    I do think I have a problem I coated the butt with mustard first then a little brown sugar and then my rub(I like sweeter meets and saw brown sugar as a suggestion online).  However when I applied my dry rub and then flip it a good amount stuck to my cutting board in a paste like substance is this normal or did my brown sugar screw it up?  Also I did the mustard and brown sugar and rub all on the top then flipped and did the bottoms and sides. 

    Anyways I will try and take another pic at lunch and then some tonight at dinner as well.
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    Now you should be alright you are always gonna have some of the rub or brown sugar in your case come off on the board or anything else you apply it on. Now next time I would just mix your brown sugar with your rub (I do) and then use alot of rub on your meat. I'll check back in after your next post. 
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    I always put the rub on the top & sides, then flip it onto saran wrap, put rub on the other side & seal it up. After it is refrigerated for a while the rub melts into the meat & there is very little on the saran wrap when you unwrap it.
  4. Well Just went home on my lunch break.  Saw the Cooker temp was only about 190, but also I guess I only had it set to med-high on the control knob, the meat IT was 150 so I would say not bad for about 5 hours.  

  5. frosty

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    If I leave mine in the fridge overnight, it works like a charm.  Looks good so far, Good luck!
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    How long has the butt been on? There is a rule of thumb on getting the meat through 140 in 4 hours??
  7. When I checked at lunch at was about 4 hours 45 minutes.  Smelled Delicious.
  8. So in the end everything came out great, it came off the smoker about 830 IT was about 197, I know I should have waited a bit longer perhaps 205, but it was starting to rain and I wanted to get the smoker out of the rain.  Oh well here is the visual feast, what everyone really wants.

    before coming off the smoker.


    before being wrapped 


    before being enjoyed.


    Overall for my first pork but, and first time smoking I think it turned out well, there were some extra fatty chunks that did not melt away completely that I had to pick out when pulling but the bone came clean out.  Next time I will certainly wait till the IT gets to 205 before taking it off.
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    Looks like you had a good meal. Have you tried soflaquers finishing sauce? Look in the wiki. it takes PP to another level!
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    Looks great. Thumbs Up
  11. looks darn good! congrats

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    Great pics! Looks delish!
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    Looks good from where i sit.

    You will have some fat to remove from every butt you smoke.

    It doesn't all cook away.  If the bone pulled out clean and the meat wasn't dry ,Ya done good!

     Try the South Fla Quer's finishing sauce. Good stuff!

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