My First full Pig smoke

Discussion in 'Pork' started by gator, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Well, I Did it.  I've smoked alot of things but never done a whole pig before.  I got the coals going about 11:45 friday night and put the pig on shortly after that.  I left the parking lot about 1:30 and let Justin & Will watch the coals til 4:00 when Scott came in to relieve them.  I got back (after a needed nap) about 6:30am.  The guys did a great job keeping the coals around 220 degrees.  We put the Beans on, Got the Corn on the cob ready, Potato salad, and set up to serve.  The Okemos Masonic Center was ready to serve lunch for the Okemos Art Walk.  I started cutting and pulling pork around 10:30 when a group of our finest (local Police) stoped by to be our first customers.  Well I kept cutting and pulling until 3:45 when we had our last customer and I was out of pork.  I had a great time.  The pig was 220# live, about 135# dressed out.  we didnt keep a true tally of how many people we served, but our estimates from the number of buns missing is 143 happy customers.

  2. pineywoods

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    It looks good congrats on what sounds like a bunch of good food!!!
  3. rdknb

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    wow, that was fun I bet,  hard work but fun, congrats
  4. Pork GOOD   [​IMG]
  5. mballi3011

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    Now that's one fine lookin Pig you have there Gator. I bet you could feed a mess of folks with hog for sure.
  6. harryho

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    220# is a lot of pig.

    I also noticed........was it a nekkid (skinless) pig?
  7. cowgirl

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    Fine looking pig... nice job! [​IMG]
  8. Harry, yes she was naked.  she was 220# live, probably about 130ish dressed.
  9. bigmatt

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    Can you go over the proceedure for anyone wanting to attempt this?  What type of rub did you use?  Did you use a mop?  Specs on your cooker?  Stuff like that I think would help people trying to duplicate what you have done.
  10. raptor700

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    I'm with BigMatt...what type cooker for this 220# on the hoof, slice of Heaven?
  11. Rap & Matt,

    It was quite easy, I put a little olive oil on it just to get a little crisp on the outside.  Sprinkled garlic salt and pepper, and let it go.  I tried to keep my temp at 225 or so, The rig was borrowed.  It had a full legnth cole tray that pulled out of the side and ran along the rear of the unit.  It had a full drip pan, so there was no risk of flame up.  This was my first pig, but wont be my last

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