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  1. Growing up I was never a big fan of meatloaf. Although a pretty good cook, my mother just didn't use a lot of imagination when making it so as an adult I have shied away from cooking them. All that has changed though as of yesterday. We are always looking for new and different things to smoke so the wife asked me to do a meatloaf yesterday morning. I wasn't overly enthusiastic but she has been so supportive of my meat smoking endeavors there wasn't any way I could say no. Never having made one before I did some reading on this forum to find a recipe. None of them jumped out at me but the thoughts started coming together so I used factors from several recipes and added a twist or two of my own. We like spicy food so I felt I needed to work in some Texas style flavors.

    -I used Jalapenos instead of green peppers
    -I added a teaspoon of ground Cayenne pepper
    -I added a teaspoon of crushed Tabasco peppers
    -I laced a bacon blanket to wrap it with
    -I used all BBQ sauce versus ketchup but used less than the recipes called for

    Those are pretty much the changes I made. All of the peppers were grown fresh in my garden and I dried them for use at times like this. We love having a stash of peppers and I store them in various forms for various purposes so this worked out well. I got a real nice flavorful "glow" from the peppers but nothing over the top. It was smoked for three and a half hours in the MES 40 using my AMNPS and hickory pellets. I pulled it at an IT of 157 and it peaked at 161. Bottom line, this was absolutely incredible and the first of mant meatloaves in my future. The best part is that I am brand new to the MES 40, I just got the AMNPS two days earlier, and I had never cooked a meatloaf before. Add all that up you'd expect a disaster but it certainly didn't turn out that way....thank God. Sorry but the pics aren't that great and I didn't take any in the beginning. I wasn't expecting anything noteworthy so didn't think I'd need documentation. Oh well...I have the most important part on film: the finished product. I don't know if these are going to upload or not. It's acting all sorts of weird on me here.

    Right out of the smoker

    Getting ready to slice

    Sliced and ready to eat. Look at all those Jalapenos!!

    I sure hope the pics load. I am a bit proud of this for pretty much everything involved being "first time" use.

    Here's hoping in Cedar Park,
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    Great post on an old favorite . [​IMG]   The Bacon 'Trumped' the taste , no doubt... [​IMG]

    Now you ike them , experiment , stuff some , do a Mexican one , and even ask our Foriegn Members for thier recipes for ML. , then Smoke it and see what come up ... [​IMG]  Ya never know...

    Have fun and ...
  3. When we do meatloaf, mind you I have not had my smoker long enough to do it in that MES, but many times in the good old house oven, we put medium salsa on top.  But this bacon wrapped smoked meatloaf, too bad we do not have smell o pictures available on this forum, because this is something I am going to have to convince the Better Half to let me make.  She is no way a fan of smoked foods.


    [​IMG]                          [​IMG]
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    looks very good well done
  5. Am adding your ideas to my soon to do list

  6. Nice TX take on meatloaf!

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