My first country style ribs. (Ginger-Hoisin)

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  1. First go at country style ribs (aka ribends? Rib-end-loin?? 😄 so many names I seem to stumble across for this cut of meat)

    This is the recipe (as I remember anyways 😀)... So I guess, this is the guideline:

    The wet rub (left on overnight) :
    1tbsp Ginger
    1tbsp Hoisin 
    1/4tsp Garlic salt 
    1tsp Light soy 
    1tbsp Rice vinegar 
    1/2tsp White pepper
    1tsp Onion powder
    1/2tsp Chinese 5spice powder

    Smoked at 225°for about 2.5hrs (until IT175°f) **wishing I took a photo at this was gorgeous.

    Removed ribs to foil with  1tbsp Hoisin, 1.5tbsp honey, 1tsp rice vinegar, 1tbsp sesame seeds (or you could use 1/2tsp sesame oil). Spread that around on all ribs.  Foil it tight.  Finish for approx 2hrs at 225°f. (IT approx 200°? Not sure , didn't measure temp at end.)
    Rest, while still wrapped for about 45min.

    I ended up cutting this up and topping a veg/noodle stir fry! I would recommend trying something like this , next time they have country style ribs or even loin chops or something.  Going to try this rub on a chicken one of these weeks too!
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    Sounds delicious!

    Great job!

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    I call it meat candy, make sweet make it tender looks all good from here!

    Happy smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)

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