My first chuckies this weekend

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    Smoked my first chuck roasts this weekend along with some pork butt and some sausages.  Bought two chucks roasts that were just a little under 3 pounds each. Coated with some Lea & Perrins and rubbed with Dizzy Pig's Cow lick. One the smoker until 160 then into a foil pain with some beef broth mixture and cooked until 205. Results were nice! Made up some sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms and made sandwiches with some melted provolone. Below are some pictures.

    One of the two chuckies

    On the smoker with sausage and pork butt on the bottom rack

    After the foiling stage


    Unfortunately, no sandwich pics as we got a little too busy eating them.
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    Sorry if you have to download them. Also, if they show up in Windows picture viewer, they may be sideways. Not sure why the formatting is odd.

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