my first chuck roast not great.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokey2, May 17, 2010.

  1. Well I did my first chuck the other day. I bought a 2 pound.injected it with beef broth and put the rest in a zip bag and chuck in fridge over day I got it out and let it sit for 1hr.smoked it for 6 1/2 hrs from 225 to 250.when it hit 160 internal I rapped in foil until it came to 190.took it off and in the cooler for 1/2hr.I also used a dry rub on it before I smoked it.It had a nice smoke ring and was kind of dry but ok.just ok.I guess I didn't do it right.any help would be great. I used oak wood to smoke.the taste was almost like a ham/beef taste.thank you for your time.
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    A chuck usually has enough fat to not need any injection for moisture. Wonder where the hammy taste came from. When picking a chuck, don't look for the lean one. I like my chuck to go to 205.
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    Here is another question. were you planning on slicing or pulling the meat? If pulling I agree that 190 was a little low. There are so many variables to account for. Not sure where the ham taste came from, but perhaps there was so much salt in the broth, that it started curing? Maybe a flavor from the rub or smoke reminded you of ham? Cant say. I would say that salt in the broth left overnight could pull moisture out of the meat. It may also be that the Thermometers are out of calibration, and you were hotter than you think? Test them in boiling water. You should be between 202 and 212 depending on your elevation. The higher your altitude the lower the boiling point. Every piece of meat is different as well. Like the other post said look for a well marbled piece of meat. I prefer thick (2 inches or better) chuckies. They tend to cook better for me. Dont give up on chuckies. Once you get it figured out, you will be addicted to them.
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    Salt in an injection for a long soak can definitely get a cure going, and cause some dryness when smoked. Oak for smoke wood shouldn't give a ham flavor, as it's a milder smoke...hickory and maple smoke woods commonly used for hams can cause a slight hammy flavor, but not intense. I have noticed a slight ham resemblance in some pork spares a while back with hickory, but I was running a long smoke time, and, rubbed and wrapped the ribs the night before with a salted rub.

    Actual temps could be an issue also. I like to pull my chucks, but did slice a couple recently...pulled to rest in the lower 160* range, only because I couldn't make pulling temps before the crew was anxiously awaiting dinner. They were slightly dry, but not bad.

    Chamber humidity could also be an issue...I run wet smokes (4 qt pot in sfb, or water pan in verticals) for almost everything just for the extra insurance.

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    I don't inject chuckies but I do look for the ones with a good amount of fat. I also find about any small cut of meat has an increased chance of drying out. For slicing I go to 190-195 and for pulling I go 205-210
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    Did you pull it?

    One thing you can do it to separate out the fat from the foil juice and toss that with the meat. Or use some heated up beef broth. when you BBQ meats to those temps they are sort of dry my nature, so tossing with juices can help that. Usually when I pull pork, I toss it with the foiled juices and by the time I'm done, the meat soaked up everything.

    Good luck for next time!
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    Remember there are 7 types of Chucks. Some pull better than others. I tend to like the Underblades and 7 Bone Chucks.

    Make sure you double wrap it in foil to seal in the juices. I also give it a good spritz of apple juice/apple cider vinegar before wrapping.
    If you really want to retain the juice you can place the chuck in one of the aluminum baking pans and cover with foil. It'll be swimming.
  8. Thanks for all your help. I think next time I'll just use dry rub and take it till 200 and take it off.
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    Make it 210 [​IMG]

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