My first butt!

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  1. Just finished preparing the rub for tomorrow's smoke. 6.5 lb Boston Butt. I do so love rubbing butts! Anyway I will be up early tomorrow as I figure around 2 hours per pounds in the smoker so I'll be starting around 4:00AM. Right now the butt is in the beer fridge, wrapped in foil in the garage. This will be my first smoking a pork shoulder. Wish me luck. This is what it looked like before I wrapped it up.

    You can see the ingredients I used.  I hope they work out.  I'm thinking tomorrow that maybe at some point I might add a little brown sugar during the smoke.

    What internal temp should I be shooting for?  What temp should I smoke at and is 2 hours per pound a good estimate?  As mentioned above it is 6.5 pounds.


    When the butt is done how long should I let it rest.  I guess when it is ready what do you do....just pull the sucker apart or cut it in slices.   I never had one before so not sure how to prep it for the table.
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    I would smoke the butt to an IT of 200-205. If your run your smoker at 225-250 figure 2 hours per pound and add 2 hours for pad time. You will want to foul wrap the butt after the smoke and let it rest 45min to 1 hour before pulling. I run my smoker at 285-300 and figure 1-1 1/4 hours per pound. Get the same results as smoking lat lower temps and takes less time!
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    If you're cooking at 225-230*, then 2 hours is a good estimate. At 275*,1-1/2 hours is close. BUT, time is just an estimate. A butt is done when it's done. The amount of fat, thickness, density and other factors come into play. Put it on to smoke. take it until it decides to stall, usually around 160*+/-. At that point, wrap it in foil and add about 1/2 cup of apple juice. The juice helps to add moisture and the acidity helps to tenderize the meat. The stall can be a couple of hours and depends on all of the factors above.

    As far as rest is concerned, you can hold a butt from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on your time needs. After 30-60 minutes, most of the juices will be redistributed through the meat.

    Now, the finished IT will be dertimined by what you intend to serve. You mentioned slicing or pulling. If you want to slice it, take it to 185*. If you want to pull it, you will need an IT of 200-205*

    This is just what works for me and just my opinion. There are others that may give you other opinions and ideas. Just look at everything and see what works best for you. Keep a log and try several different ways until you lock onto what you like.

    Good luck and send some more pics as your cook progresses. BTW, next time you may want to try Jeff's rub recipes. They are really good and easy to work with. Joe
  4. Took 5 hours thirty minutes to come up to 160*. I wrapped it in foil and am punching the temp in the smoker up to 250*. Should be ready right around 4:00 PM this afternoon.

    This is what it looked like when I took it out to wrap in the foil. Bark looks great....but what the hell do I know it is my first butt smoke.

    Just got back from the market. Going to make my own sloppy joe sauce. Nothing is impossible with $60 worth of seasonings!

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    congrats! i put my first on at 9pm last night (12 hrs ago now) it's up to 172°. I am not gonna wrap in foilbut am going to 200° as well. It smells sofa king good though.....can't wait
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    Looks great! I don't foil myself and I take to 200. I put an 8lb butt on last night and I expect of will be done at around 1pm.

    Last one I did looked like this. ..

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    Congrats on the good eats. I have a butt going right now. They CAN be addicting!

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    You're right about one thing, Toad. That bark does look great and good color too. Congratulations on your first butt. From what I can see, I bet there will be many more.

    Keep on smokin', Joe

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