My first build started with a 1/4"x24"x7' piece of pipe

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  1. I built this for a friend before I build my Personel one. My intake and outtake locations in the smoke pit enable this smoker to hold even heat all the way across the 66" length. Here is some pics. Let me know what you think and if you would change anything. Or if you have any ideas that I should incorporate in mine. I do plan to use a square insulated fire box on my Personel one. I hope to start mine later this year.

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    [​IMG]  Nice, I like it!

    Lots of hard work...... good luck with yours!
  3. Thanks. And yes it's always hard work but that's what all of us on this site are used to.
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    I'd say your smoke stack is a tad low where it attaches to the cooking chamber.  I thought I read that it should be right at the main cooking shelf or 50% above and 50% below.  But I could either: A. Be wrong. B. Remembered it wrong, or C. Got bad information.   You might want to add an air intake at the top of the fire box too, sometimes allowing fresh air across the fire can improve air flow with out increasing the fire temp.
  6. Here is a few pics after it was painted

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  9. I'll get some pics of the t stats to show more detail next time he fires it up. And thanks for the advice.
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