My first Brisket

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     So I have had fairly good luck with almost every other meat so this weekend I decided on smoking a brisket . I have a 18 inch WSM . So I went to my local meat man and picked out an 11.5 pound USDA prime cut angus brisket. it was 4.99 pound  . When I got home I realized it was too big to fit on my smoker so I cut it in half.

    Almost everyone says not to use fill the water pan but I have had great luck using water so chose to not mess up a good thing .

    Put the point on the bottom rack and the flat on the top rack . Started my smoke at 10 PM . Was told that it would take around 12 to 18 hours depending on a variety of reason and cutting it in half may or may not speed up the process .  Well not sure if I had more charcoal and wood or if it was because I cooked it all night instead of my usual day smoke . Every other cook the temp has maintained a  225 degrees temp but this night  it was staying around 250. I did not want to close the vents completely so I shut them about 3/4 and let it smoke all night .

    Every hour or so I checked the coals and misted the brisket with some apple juice / olive oil solution . Had a nice rub on and around 6;30 the next morning the flat was at 203 and the point was at 199.A toothpick slid in like butter .  Not ready for a breakfast dinner I foiled, wrapped in blankets and stuck it in my cooler for about 3 hours .

     Decided around 9;30 to slice into the flat . It was still moist and had an amazing aroma .

     I used mesquite wood and it was not over powerful IMHO .  Everyone loved it. I let it sit a coupe more hours and we had lunch around 12. I am sure sitting that long took a little of the moisture out so next time I can hope for an even better brisket . Cook at lower temp and better timing .  But over all and I am really happy with my first and would like to thank everyone that has posted about smoking briskets and the feedback in each thread that  made it all the more better .
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    Wow, that looks good!

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