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Discussion in 'Beef' started by wilk7j, Jan 13, 2014.

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    So I'm planning to smoke my 1 st brisket this weekend. I picked up a small one 3.3lbs. My question is can you marinade and use a dry rub or do you do one or the other. I was thinking about marinating it in the fridge from now until this weekend and then take out of that the morning of and applying the dry rub. Rookie question I'm sure. Any advice would be welcome. Got my smoker for Christmas and I'm hooked!
  2. Good morning,  I do brine or marinade my brisket. I like to taste just the flavor of the meat. I have a Reverse Flow/ charcoal & wood I smoke at 225º the briskets I get are whole packers usually from Sam's. While my smoker is coming up to temp I will trim up my brisket so the fat cap is pretty uniform in thickness try to keep it about 1/4 "  once trimmed up I rub it down with course ground black pepper and salt, (that's just me keeping it simple) you can use any rub you like (I have tried a lot of them) Once the smoker is ready I put on my brisket and let it go for 5 to 6 hours and spritzing every so often with apple juice or a 50/50 apple juice and vinegar . I pull it off and wrap it in butcher paper, back on the smoker till done usually another 5 to 6 plus hours. When done I leave it wrapped in the paper then wrap it in a couple old towels (Don't use your wife's good towels) that place it in my cooler for at least and hour (longer if you need to) (waiting on guests) Pull it out slice it up and you will have tender juicy brisket with a great smoke ring. I use Pecan, Hickory, Oak and sometimes fruit wood when I can get them.  Just allow plenty of time, try to maintain a consistent 225º and should turn out fine. Be sure and check your temp gauge to make sure it is reading correctly.

    Good luck

    Gary S
  3. Correction on above post   Should say " I do not brine or marinade" Sorry

    I need to be a better proof reader

    Gary S
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    I do about the same as Gary other than I rub mine down with yellow mustard then apply my rub. Maybe just me but I think the mustard helps retain moisture a little in the brisket as I have done them both with and without mustard. Probably just a personal preference. As far as marinating I have never done that but I do always inject. Maybe someone with a little more experience with marinating can chime in here but to my understanding marinating a brisket will not do you much benefit as the marinade will not penetrate the brisket enough to make much difference. Just my 2 cents, I'am sure it will turn out great. WHB
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    Thanks for the info... Thermometers I've been getting a lot of mixed readings. My MF propane smoker has a gauge that I don't trust so I bought an oven thermometer to put in the smoker. I was having to open the door to check heat but it was close to the one on the door about 10 degrees difference. Then I got a maverick 733 and it gives a totally different reading about 25 to 35 degrees higher. I checked it with boiling water and got 212 before hand. Did a boston butt last night 3.5lbs 7 hrs into it at 1030 I pulled it with an IT 147 an finished in crock pot on low the rest of the night(I know crock pot is sack relig) but I was tired and had to be up early. I was using the maverick keeping it at 220. The door thermometer was showing maybe 185. Looking back I'm thinking maybe my maverick is off... Any way sorry for rambling and I know all will be well when I get my thermometers dialed in. Looking forward to this weekend.
  6. Not rambling, you are just trying to fix a temp problem, Keep checking them and see which one is correct. I use a temp gauge in my CC door and a hand held probe type to check the internal temp. After a few cooks you will see how your smoker is cooking and get a little more comfortable as time goes on you will not have to pay constant attention just glancing at it every once in a while. You will get it dialed in.

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  7. I know plenty of people do both marinades and rubs. I'm not one of them, but you're definitely not out of line to do so.

    However, I don't think most people will do a marinade from Tues->Sat/Sun. I think you may end up with over-marinading the meat if you do it like that. That can screw up the meat, becoming more of a cure than a marinade. You're better off with a couple hours to (at most) overnight. Then take it out, add the rub, and get to smoking!
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    Well there she is. Good but not great. Just a bit tough and maybe a bit dry. All in all I'm pleased for my first. Now to make it better next time!
  9. Keep up the good work. Briskets can be finicky sometimes. If it tastes good, you did good.
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    Thanks! All ready thinkin bout the next one.
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    Looks good to me, nice job Thumbs Up. WHB

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