My First Brisket

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  1. About a month ago me and my soon to be father in law did our first smoke. We built an UDS the week before and decided that we now need to take that baby out for a spin. I got 5.5 pounds of brisket and 2 racks of pork ribs. I rubbed them the night before with Bilbo’s dry rub. I would have loved to do it 3 days before but that’s the way it goes.

    The next morning the meat went into a really nice colour and we started the smoke at around 11h30. My thermometer hasn’t arrived yet so I decided to use my small Weber meat thermometer and boy did it impress! The UDS also regulated heat like a champ. I wish I could take credit for it but seeing as the soon to be father in law built the thing and I just gave him the blue print for it I cannot. I was however set on redeeming myself with the quality of meat.

    By 12h00 the temp in the UDS was good to go at 230 and in went the meat. We checked it about every hour. I used the Weber Cherry wood chips and they worked like a charm. The heat in the UDS was regulated and it kept on going well into the night.

    By about 15h00 the ribs started falling off the bone so the entrée was ready and everybody dug in. As soon as I tasted the ribs I knew we should have gotten more. One was a bit dry but that was only because one was a bit thinner then the other.

    By about 18h00 I took the brisket out and had a good look at it. The internal temp was good so we took it off, let it rest for a couple of minutes and then cut that beautiful piece of meat and my oh my was it gooooood!

    I didn’t use a water pan or spritzed it with apple juice like some suggested and it came out pretty juicy. I was however wondering if I should let it rest a bit longer. A lot of people say to wrap it in foil and let it rest for 30 min on the smoker and then you cut it.

    If anybody has any advice it will be greatly appreciated. Doing my second smoke this weekend and would love to try some new techniques.

    Getting the heat going.

    Gently smoking away.

    The beautiful brisket.

    The ribs still enjoying some love from the rub.

    The engineer playing with fire.

    The ribs. Mmmm good.

    Brisket done!

    Fruit of our labor.

    One happy camper.
  2. Looks really good man!  [​IMG]   I don't use a water pan or spritz either. I do let brisket rest for awhile before I cut it though... Brisket isn't the easiest cut of meat to do & you did fine for your first one  [​IMG]
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    Looks stellar to me!

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    Looks like you did a great job for your first run on a new smoker. That smoke ring around the edge of the briskets looks nice and pink! Excellent work!
  5. nice job - congratulations
  6. Bravo....looks as though you nailed it.............[​IMG]I would let the brisket rest for an hour or so next time to let the juice distribute evenly within the brisket...[​IMG]
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