My first brisket--Q View w/ some chicken wings

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kid creole, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. kid creole

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    There are a million of these "first brisket" threads, but rather than be dissuaded, how about a couple of pics?  I put it on at 7:00, finished it up at 2:30.  It was done a little sooner than I expected.  It was 5.75 pounds, and I had it at 225° almost the entire time.  Smoker wanted to run at 210° early in the morning, and I was too busy getting ready making baby bottles and playing with the baby to worry about it.



    Also did some chicken wings.


    I smoked them for 2 hours, and when the brisket was done I hit the wings with a blow torch to crisp up the skin, then smoked them for another hour.

    I'd never had bbq brisket, I just had to do one because of all the pics I've seen here, so I have nothing to compare it against.  The wife and my sister loved it.  I thought it was good, but honestly, I love my ribs.  
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    Great smoke ring !  [​IMG]   Keep em coming.[​IMG]
  3. fpnmf

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    Looks tasty!!

     Nice job on the slice too!!

  4. X2
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    Good luck and good smoking.
  6. kid creole

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    Cool.  Thank you.  I had no idea if I did the slice right.  I did see a tip somewhere about cutting a little piece before you start to know which way the grain goes, that was handy.  
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    Nice job! The brisket looks delicious!   [​IMG]

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