My first brisket, need advice please

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ivel, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Got an 8.5 pound brisket from US Foods.

    Do I brine it ?

    Dry Rub ?

    Temp, Time ?

    I know nothing about brisket an I'm pretty new to smoking, help school me with this project.

    My smoker will get up to 300 degrees easily don't no how to lower the temp other than a pan of liquid. That's not the built in thermometer it's a disk thermometer that sits on the grate.  

    I've got the Chargrill Duo with the smoke box on the side.

    Thanks in advance, Levi !
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    So a few basic things for briskets. First off decide if you want to trim any of the fat off. Most people shoot for a 1/4 inch fat cap others don't trim at all. Then your rub. I'm a SPOG kinda guy. No sweet pork rubs for my briskey's. I typically then throw mine onto a 250-275 degree smoker. You can do a more low and slow approach but I don't see the need. You can get the same results with hotter temps. Plus it takes less time. Try and smoke until you get an IT between 155-165 degrees then wrap in foil with a little beef broth. Take it to up to 190 degrees and use a toothpick to test for tenderness. If it slides in like butter it's done. If not put it back in and check every 30 min until you get no resistance on the toothpick. After that let her rest for a good 30-45 min and slice across the grain. If you want a super tender brisket when it's done put it in a cooler with towels for at least 2 hours. This is a very general approach to brisket. There are tons of ways people are doing them. The search bar is your friend!!! Also sign up fr Jeff's 5 day online class well worth it. You might also head over to the charcoal smoker section and get some help with your smoker. Tons of people have those pits and can help you tweak it to the max. Good luck and welcome to your new addiction!! Brisket addiction that is.

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