My first brisket in my MES 40 B.T. Smoker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cfunni, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. cfunni

    cfunni Newbie

    Not my FIRST Brisket, just my first in this smoker........

    Followup on my first brisket in my MES 40 B.T. Smoker

    I purchase a nice easy to bend 12 lb Brisket from Costco. After washing the meat I trimmed excess fat and split the point from the flat. Rubbed it down with yellow musterd and tried a new rub. Killins BBQ

    This place is the new #1 BBQ joint in SE Texas. I then prepared the smoker, foiled all the stuff I wanted to keep from getting nasty, started my A-maze-N tray with pitmasters choice pellets. Put brisket in at 225 degF. It was about 8am. I placed the point on top the flat so it fit better in the MES. I watched the meat probe climb slow all day. after about 12 hours I was at 165 deg. I foiled it and at 10:30pm it was only at 180deg, and I was tired.  My target was 190 Deg I pulled it, let it cool a bit and stuck it in the fridge. Next day I put it in my oven for a few hours, and it came out perfect. Just a little tug as far as toughness. if you put it on bread you could eat it without pulling the meat off, not shredding like roast beef  ...Not to sure on the rub, a little too spicy for me but it was ok. some liked it, some said oh too spicy. Next time, my old rub, TEXAS BBQ RUB,  start earlier, and maybe smoke at 250 deg. its always a wait and see type of thing.
  2. gearjammer

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    Hey Cfunni, sounds like you got it going on.

    I am a newbie, but I am finally starting to get it

    into my head that meat will get done when it's ready.

    Not when I'm ready.

    Pictures are nice too.

    Keep on smokin'                                  Ed 
  3. smokinal

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    Sounds like a successful first smoke on your new smoker.

    Next time it would be better if you could post some photo's of your smoke.

    We all like q-view!

  4. cfunni

    cfunni Newbie

    I totally agree on the pics. I thought I took some but when I wrote the post I looked for them but no pics. Next time for sure. And it's very true that when smoking, the meat is done on its schedule not ours

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