My first Brisket 8.5 lbs (Q-View)

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  1. My first brisket, put prepared mustard all over it both sides and gave it a nice coating with a rub I made.

    Injected it with a red wine vinegar base marinade.

    1 1/2 hours into took a quick picture of it to see how it was doing.

    3 hours into it can start to see juices on it, and spritz oit down with a apple juice, worcestershire spray.

    5 hours in looking really good.

    7 1/2 hours and IT @ 184° and some friends brought over this pork loin to smoke with it.

    After a long 8 1/2 hours it got to 196° and the pork got to 147° got them off the smoker wrapped in foils and towels and out in a cooler for 30 minutes wanted to go longer on the rest but people were starting to get restless.

    So I cut the flat cross grain and then cut the point off where the flat met up with it, turned the point 90° and cut it down the center and made a little thicker cuts then what I did with the flat, I also learned that I need a electric knife, coming soon.

    The point was a little more fatty than I would have expected, I thought the fat inside would of broke down a little more than what it did.

    The pull test turned out ok, it took a little more tug then what I have thought, but flavor and juices and bark was out of this world, got a lot of compliments on it.

    Salad and homemade rotel cheesy potatoes to go with it.
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    Looks nice and tasty from here!  good Job!

  3. Nice job!  Every brisket is going to be different. With that said most will finish at around the same temp but there are always a few that cook slower/faster than the norm....Might give you a bit better results when it comes to the pull test if you test for resistance when it gets close. Looks 100 times better than my first brisket for sure! Again...nicely done.
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    Good looking beef to me! I also like the Qview.

  5. Well done! I'll bet you did get plenty of compliments. It looks fantastic.

    A cpl questions: what was the starting weight of the brisket?

    What temp was your pit?
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  6. Starting weight of the brisket was 8.5 pounds, Average temperature of my smoker was between 255° - 265°.
  7. Good job, looks great.  I cook at 225º for about 12 hours, might give that a try next time and see if that helps your fat rendering any ?

  8. I will have to try that Gary, but I thought cooking at a hire temp would of made the fat render down and put a better bark on it because it would of had caramelized the sugar in the rub a little better. Any one have any insight to this?
  9. Some briskets have more fat than other, sometimes the fat between the flat and point can be a bit thick. Best thing is just trim it after you slice it I always have some fat, just trim it. When we chopped we leave a little in for flavor and keep it moist.

  10. Thanks Gary I will keep that in mind, I am doing another brisket this coming weekend, it's going to be even bigger than this one.

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