My First Breakfast Sausage

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by flagg, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. flagg

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    We had a green picnic ham thawed, but no one wanted pork. I decided to make breakfast sausage. So here we go.

    I deboned and trimmed to get 7 lbs of cubed pork this morning. Using 4lbs for regular, 2 lbs for hot, and 1 lb snack sticks. I have 13 ounces of skin. What do I do with that? The packaged weight was a little over 11 pounds. I guess I got a decent return on my 'butchering' technique.

    Regular recipe - 4 lbs
    4 tea hi mountain cure (0.85% nitrites)
    2 tea salt
    2 tea thyme
    4 tea sage
    4 tea brown sugar
    1 tea red pepper flakes
    1/2 tea ground nutmeg
    1-1/2 tea black pepper
    1/4 tea red pepper
    1/4 tea white pepper
    1 tea hungarian paprika

    Tossed cubed meat in seasoning mix. Zipped up in bag and chilling in the fridge.

    Hot- 2 lbs
    1/2 size of above recipe except
    1 less tea of sage
    1 tea black pepper
    1/2 tea red pepper
    1/4 tea white pepper
    1/4 tea smoked paprika
    3/4 tea paprika

    Tossed with meat, bagged and chilling.

    I plan to use a hi mountain mix on the remaining 1 lb and make sticks. Think I have 22 mm collagen casings. Any suggestions what mix goes with pork?

    I know I don't have to have cure in fresh sausage.

    No pics yet. I am the only one awake here, and I didn't want to rub pork and seasoning on my phone.

    Plan to grind tonight/early tomorrow morning. Will get some pics then.
  2. smokinal

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    Looks like a good start1

    Are you going to stuff the breakfast sausage or just make patties?

    Boykjo can help you with the mix. 

    Hopefully he'll see this.

  3. flagg

    flagg Fire Starter

    Patties this time. I don't have any casings other than snack stick sized collagen. Plan to freeze individual patties and then bag for storage.
  4. whistech

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    Sounds like a great start Flagg.     There are a ton of excellent stick seasonings here.     If it were me I would cut the skin in about 1.5 inch squares and render in pork skin in a heavy pot with a cup of water to keep the skins from burning when starting to cook and let them cook until you have crispy cracklins.     Pour off the grease that is left to season french fries or frying eggs, good stuff.     
  5. flagg

    flagg Fire Starter

    Thanks Whistech. I thought rendering the skins made cracklins, but was not sure.

    I have a variety of hi mountain seasonings that got for Christmas. Any flavor work better with pork?
  6. flagg

    flagg Fire Starter

    Well I ground the sausage. I missed the flavor profile I wanted for both. The regular is heavy on sage, and the hot is not.

    Family likes them. I like less sage, but it's good. The hot is more regular sausage to me, but wife and daughter don't like spicy so they like it.

    I will keep both recipes for sage and regular breakfast sausage. Next time I will get some fresh packages or red pepper, ground and flakes, and double quantity to kick up the heat.

    I screwed up grinding the extra for snack sticks. Gave that to the golden retriever. She loved the ground pork supper.
  7. chola

    chola Fire Starter

    8 oz salt

    2 oz pepper

    1 oz sage

    mix all in a zip loc or cntainer and use 1/2 oz per pound 

    This a great starter recipe that you can tailor fit to your own flavour profile

    I personally prefer 1/3 oz per pound if I have no wild game in my mix
  8. flagg

    flagg Fire Starter

    Thanks Chola. I like my experimental recipes. Did not get the expected results. First was heavy sage; second was not hot and spicy.
  9. akdutchguy

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    Thin blue smoke and ice cold beer
  10. jckdanls 07

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    That recipe looks VERY familiar....
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    [​IMG]  [​IMG]
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  12. venture

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    I was thinking that recipe has been around?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  13. stayhot

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  14. jckdanls 07

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    Chola... Is that your recipe ???
  15. venture

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    Oh well!


    Good luck and good smoking.
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  16. chola

    chola Fire Starter

    nope.its POP's basic breakfast recipe
  17. chola

    chola Fire Starter

    Did I stir up a crapstorm or something by posting it.......not sure what all the emoticons are all about....if I was wrong to do so let me know and I wont post again
  18. jckdanls 07

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    no.. your ok.. It's just recommended to give props to a person when you use/recommend their recipe... otherwise it looks as if it's your own... just saying ...
  19. chola

    chola Fire Starter

    ahh OK...thank you very much for educating me....duely noted for next time

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