My first Boston bone-in.

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  1. I'm doing my first Boston for PP. I'm using Stubbs Rub for pork. I slathered it in canola oil first (not really much taste) and then rubbed on the Stubbs. I'm starting it tonight at 11 so I can get up early and put in my temp probe. Kinda cold in IA tonight but I think I'll be good. Oh, I'm using a propane MB btw. More pics to follow. I'm keeping it simple like a lot of guys have said. So fingers crossed.
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  2. I'm in  [​IMG]   Enjoy the smoke - glad you're keeping your first one simple  [​IMG]
  3. Thanks! Is there any reason to turn the meat around? If there's a thicker end than the other? I've heard some say to do it , others say not necessary.
    About 6 1/2 in, and IT of 154. Looking good!
  4. I put mine in & wherever it is when it starts is where it is when it finishes. I keep it very simple for my pulled pork - no mustard (I never have trouble with the rub not sticking), no injection, no spritzing, no turning & no foiling. I get great results doing it that way. YMMV...

    Looks like it's coming along nicely  [​IMG]  
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  5. Thanks B! Pushing through the stall now. Im glad i started last night. 9 1/2 hours in and still only 157. Granted its only 26° in IA this morning! Mother nature is really messing with us.
  6. All done! Smells and tastes as good as it looks! About 6lbs. yield. We're a family of six so everyone will have to eat a whole pound!
  7. Wow that looks great man!  [​IMG]   You did a fine job with your first butt  [​IMG]   I bet you'll have no problem finishing that off  [​IMG]
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    Great problem eating a pound of that! I'm with Smoking B....I'm not a mustard slather fan preferring some olive oil then a good dose of rub with an overnight rest. Slide it in and let it go for hours before inserting my probe. I do, however, use a drip pan underneath for juice/fat catching to add back into the PP after shredding and makes my cleanup easier as I'm retired now and basically lazy. FYI, Home Depot also has some cool aluminum grate covers that can be cut to the size you need for the day's smoke or grilling. Scrubbing greasy/smoky caked on chow off grates can get old......Willie
  9. Thank you Chef! The rub over night was what I did. Do you still use a water pan AND a drip pan? I would have room for that. Those drippings would make the meat that much more juicy I agree. Even the doggy got in on a little of this. My 3 1/2 year old will prob have a little trouble eating a pound! I think I can make room. (In my belly!)
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    Looks great!  How much did it weigh before the cook? 

    And that was one long cook!  What 200 degrees or so?
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    That is a pulled butt to be proud of. I suspect there are many more in your future.

  12. Thanks Disco! Mchar it was 6.89lbs. at start and yes it was one long cook! It was pretty chilly today like I said. I had a tough time staying above 230°. I would crank up a little bit and start pushing over 260°. It was like feathering a finely tuned throttle. The easiest part was overnight. I had my upper and lower limits set on my maverick and they never went off! Ended up being around 15 hours. I foiled it, in a cooler for an hour and it just fell apart. Heaven!
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    Oh oh. It sounds as if you've got the smoking addiction. There is no cure. You are doomed to a lifetime of fun and good food.

  14. Agreed!!🐮🐷🐓🍙♨

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