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Discussion in 'Beef' started by hdgzr, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. hdgzr

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    Ok, so after work I stop by Lowes and pick up a grill wok, charcoal starter and hickory chunks.  I put a layer of briquettes in the bottom of the "new" charcoal pan.  I put about half that amount in the charcoal starter (should of bought that from the git-go).  When the coals were ready, I added them to the charcoal pan, along with a chunk of hickory.  The top vents were closed and the bottom vents were wide open.  When the smoke had died down a bit, and the temperature on the gauge read about 225, I added two KC Strips, seasoned only with garlic salt.  I then reveresed the position of the vents, tops full open and the bottoms closed.  With the steaks weighing about a pound and a half, I figured an hour would be the first time I would check progress.  During smoking, temps raised to about 260 on the gauge, and pretty much stayed put.  I've attached pictures of the final result, and what was left of my coals...(Oh, ignore the time stamp error on the pics.  As you'll notice the date is corrected on the bottom two pictues...)

  2. flash

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    Is there a water pan in this thing?

    Steak looks good.
  3. hdgzr

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    It came with one, but I took it out...
  4. flash

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    So you use no water, no sand to act as a heat sink??
  5. hdgzr

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    I used it at the very first chicken attempt; a lot of things just didn't turn out right...haven't used it since.  I plan to use some play sand as a heat sink for my next smoke, hopefully it will tame that Royal Oak down some...
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    The steak looks delicious!

    Nice smoke ring!
  7. flash

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     Water or sand will do that. Water is not the best to use in very cold conditions, playbox sand will work much better. Using no heat sink is kinda like grilling then. Nothing to keep the temps constant.  I'd be interested in hearing more about your problems when using water.
  8. hdgzr

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    I just never could get my temperature up; chicken was not cooked completely and the outside was like rubber.  After some schoolin', which I should have done first, most likely was because the water was cold and the chicken was partially frozen.  I also had not made any mods to the charcoal pan yet...

    But, I'ma' learnin'...
  9. Not trying to hijack your thread, great looking steaks by the way, but I have a question. Is the water pan mainly just a sink? I was thinking that the water evaporating may have something to do with moisture as well.

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