My First Bacon

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by softmeat, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Hey guys! I just finished up my first bacon. Took a couple of weeks but well worth it.  I used a brine recipe I got from here and modified it a little bit. Smoked it in my masterbuilt with my amaz-n smoker providing the smoke.  Couldnt have done it without you, thanks for the help! 

    A few observations:

    - It tastes NOTHING AT ALL like store bought. I was expecting something close to that but it really isnt. That isnt a bad thing, this tasted better in my opinion. No chemical taste!

    - Not enough salt. I used 3/4 cup, next time Ill go to a full cup

    - A little too sweet. I like it but the wife/daughter would have preferred a little less sugar

    - A couple days in the fridge wrapped in seran wrap, after the smoking process made all the difference. When I sliced off a piece before, it was just 'ok'. Let it sit and it was FANTASTIC

    - With the Amaz-n smoker I noticed the temp went up above 130 for a little bit in the chamber. I think I even hit 138 for a short time. Didnt seem to bother anything though.

    Tomorrow Ill slice it all up and freeze it. Now I just have to keep this a secret from friends/family, or Ill never see any of it. :)

    Glamour shot:

  2. Bacon!  [​IMG]   Nice job man  [​IMG]   You won't go back to store bought now I'm betting...
  3. thank you! :)

    I guarantee it! I sliced it all up this morning. Some thin, some thick, all delicious. 

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