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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by azsmokin, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Fellow smokers,
    This was my first attempt at smoking something. Decided on chicken as it was inexpensive (in case it got outta hand). It came out wonderfully. I did two chickens two different ways. One was brined and the other was not. Both were delicious but my wife said that the brined one was a little too salty. So since brining did not make a difference on the outcome, I won't do it again. Hopefully the pics come thru.
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    Congrats on a first successful smoke.
    Birds looked great.
    Personally I brine poultry all the time, you could always do a bit less salt or soak when the bird comes out, and hopefully you rinsed it after removing from the brine, another wonderful alternative is injecting the meat.
    One thing that is a big fan favorite would be to inject with cajun seasoning and butter.
    Keep up the good smokes.
  3. meat hunter

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    Hi there, and congrats on a great smoke. Birds look amazing. Good job. I don't know what recipe you used for your brine, but you may not want to give up trying it again just yet. I'm with Fireitup, cut back on the salt. The thing about poultry is that it takes a brine better than any other cut of meat. Therefore, if you have a mixture of ingredients included in the brine, they will leech into the meat with the help of the brine. In case you did not see the recipe that Jeff has about brine and poultry, I am including his on a Turkey, which works just fire for chicken too.

    Brining Meat Ingredients and Process

    The water to salt ratio is 1:16 or 1 cup of Kosher salt per gallon of non-chlorinated water. I usually require around 2 gallons of water to cover a 12 pound turkey and therefore I use 2 cups of kosher salt. Any seasonings you choose to add after the base solution should contain little or no salt else the brining meat you are using can become too salty. I use a brick inside a large zip-loc bag to keep the turkey submerged.
    Here is a recipe I use occasionally:
    2 Gal Water
    2 Cups Kosher Salt
    3 Cups Sugar
    1/4 Cup Zatarains Liquid Crab Boil
    4 TBS Black Pepper
    1 TBS Dried Rosemary
    1 TBS Thyme
    1/4 Cup Molasses
    1/4 Cup White Wine (not Cooking Wine)
    1/4 Cup Worcestershire

    I have used this recipe a few times and it is very good. I have however, cut the salt in half, I only use one cup and it still turns out great. If your just going to do one bird, say a 5# chicken, cut the recipe in half, otherwise, the about amounts would be good for 2 birds at a time. And dont limit yourself to just the ingrediants above. If you know a certain flavor you like, incorporate it into the mix, and if you know you dont like a certain spice, take it out. I have also done a basic black pepper, onion rosemary and garlic recipe and was fanstastic.
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  5. mballi3011

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    Sounds and looks great. You did a fabulous job there Azsmokes. [​IMG]for sure on your first and we all know that there will be many many more. So here's some pionts to get you started:
    Welcome To The Addiction it's just starting
  6. Looks good keep it up
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    Wow, that looks like a winner first time on the smoker. I have experienced the same salty situation myself, so I don't brine anymore, aside from it changing the texture of the meat. Congrats my friend, and may we look forward to more of your smokes & Q's.
  8. Thanks to all the people that have responded....I have taken all into the far reaches of my brain (and I a have also written it down, just in case). Tomorrow is a a big day also.....doing 2 pork shoulder roasts. Of course 2 different ways......will inform of the outcome and hopefully some pics.

    Thanks again to all[​IMG]
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    Nice yard birds! I really like that and the smoker look to be good buddies already... [​IMG]

    Doin' butts already, hah? I think...nope, I're hooked!

    Enjoy the ride!

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    nice job...where in glendale?
  11. Vacinity of Mountain View and 59th Ave.
    I used to live in Surprise. But originally from Chicago area.

    You are correct forluvofsmoke.....i'm hooked. can't remember when i was so excited about something......really looking forward to the pork tomorrow. next stop is the turkey....gotta do one dontchaknow!!! if that goes well, then guess what's happening on thanksgiving????
  12. chefrob

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    i grew up around 63rd and maryland and the mob (family) has roots in 53rd and bethany area. now i'm in the east valley....tempe. birds are the one thing that i do brine........ya just gotta watch yer salt, good lookin birds.
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    Looks like a fine job for the first smoke...[​IMG]

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