My first attempt at pulled pork

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  1. I am trying my first Boston butt. It has been on for about 4 hours now and it has seemed to stall at 144. I wanted to wrap it in foil at 165 but in afraid I'm not going to get there for a very long time. I have been at 120-130 for the 4 hours. Any suggestions?
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    By the way Butts take a long time. Kick back and let it do it's thing. There is no way to rush it that won't make it suck in the end.
  4. Sorry that was a typo. I did mean 220-230. Thanks for the link
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  6. Sorry I'm new. Lol, pictures of what? It's not finished yet.
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  8. About 5 hours in and I am at 153* IT. Bumped it up to 245* to try to get out of the stall. I'll be sure to post a Q View when I am done
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    Now that stall is a good thing. That is where the magic happens. You can Foil at 165 or so to help push it through a little bit faster but just stick to your guns. They have a mind of there own and you may hit more than one stall, even up to 3. That looks like a pretty good size Butt there. You usually don't hit the real stall until 165 or 170. I have had a 6 pounder take 15.5 hours before. It happens. It's always good to have a plan B when doing a big Butt like that so you are not counting on it for dinner. Maybe some Brats or ABT's or something to tide you over in case it's not done until 1AM. Been there done that.
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    My oh my what a big butt you have!:drool Looking good so far!
  11. So here it is.....I am proud for it being a first attempt. I used a run recipe I found that has quite a bit of Cajun seasoning and cayenne in it. I was not crazy about the spicy taste as I like my pork sweeter. It was very tender. A little bit dry but still plenty of juices. But all in all I would say it was a success and everybody else seemed to enjoy it. And most of all I had a good time doing it and learned a thing or two.
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    Outstanding. Have only done 2 butts. First one hit the stall...and the temperature of the meat dropped a couple of degrees before it pushed thru.
  13. My stall hit at about 161* and actually dropped to 159* for quite some time. I think the next round I may keep it simple and do no rub or seasoning and use sweet baby rays or jack Daniels bbq sauce for the finish.

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