My first attempt at a breakfast fattie...

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by bc2050p, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. bc2050p

    bc2050p Fire Starter

    This was one of the four that I made yesterday. Took 3 of them to share with the guys I worked with at station 10.

    Bacon weave, sausage, cheese, hash brown potatoes with green & red peppers...


    scrambled eggs added...


    rolled up, smoked on the MES 40 for about 2 hours...




    Already have plans for more.
  2. bc2050p

    bc2050p Fire Starter

    forgot to mention in the subject line that I included Q-View.
  3. Nice job on the fattie. I am sure the guys at the station loved them if they are anything like the firefighters I know. They love to cook and eat from what I have seen from my buddies in the fire service.
  4. steamaway

    steamaway Smoke Blower

    Looks TASTY!!!!
  5. sprky

    sprky Master of the Pit OTBS Member

  6. I have to try a fattie!

    Looks too good to eat. You didn't tell us how it was.
  7. bc2050p

    bc2050p Fire Starter

    They tasted even better than they looked.  The only one I got any pictures of was the one I wrapped up and left at home.  The slices didn't last long once I cut into them at the firehouse.

    The firefighters invited me back anytime I need to "test" something from my smoker.  They even tried to get me to bring something back for dinner that night.
  8. africanmeat

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    It looks very yummy.great one well done
  9. smokinal

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    Nice job!

    The fattie looks delicious!
  10. bc2050p

    bc2050p Fire Starter

    Thanks for all the great feedback.  This forum has been a gold mine of information and ideas.  I wish I had discovered smoking years ago.
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  11. mballi3011

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    Now you made quite a fattie it looks awesome. I know that the guys loved it to. Now I think that the fattie is like a welcoming present from SMF. Most folks have never heard of it before stoppingin here. It a geat thing and now go start smoking all the other great goodies we have here.
  12. pcallison

    pcallison Fire Starter

    Looks great, am going to try one of my own for the Christmas Eve MUNCHFEST, hope mine turns out as good as yours looks. Nothing but raves for the people who serve.
  13. Looks great!  Like a Fattie Breakfast Burrito.[​IMG]
  14. jno51

    jno51 Smoking Fanatic

  15. theracenut

    theracenut Fire Starter

    Good looking Fattie...I remember my first me wanting to do some Fatties over the holidays.

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