My first 80Gal RF build... This is going to be a blast!

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by alaska, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Ceramic Wool $25 for 1ft X 24in OUCH that hurt....
  2. Assuming it's for the FB insulation... Is it necessary to use ceramic wool? I thought stone wool could be tough enough. I once tried measuring the surface temp of my firebox while testing how hot I could heat the RF. Measuring with one of those fancy Fluke laser thingys (I so want one...) it never got above 750 on the outside. I thought regular stone wool could take those temps?

    Perhaps someone could shed some light on this? I was thinking on insulating too. It would be good to know before I weld it up...:biggrin:

    Cheers /Wes
  3. daveomak

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    Temperature limits of some common insulation materials are indicated in the table below:

    Insulation MaterialTemperature Range
    Calcium Silicate-1806501200
    Cellular Glass-260-450480900
    Elastomeric foam-55-70120250
    Mineral Wool, Ceramic fiber    12002200
    Mineral Wool, Glass032250480
    Mineral Wool, Stone0327601400
    Phenolic foam    150300
    Polyisocyanurate or polyiso-180-290150300
  4. This is what we use when we insulate  24"x 48" x 2"  - 6 in a box


    Roxul Acoustical Fire Batts, Mineral Wool, 2-inch (6PK)

    Point to an image below to see a larger version.
    [​IMG]    [​IMG]

    • Price and Order
    • Item Description

    Order a Case of 6 pieces of AFB here.
    Acoustical Fire Batts, or AFB, is a mineral wool manufactured by Roxul with a density of 2.5 pounds per cubic foot. Product dimensions are 24" x 48" x 2" inches. Higher densities absorb sound only slightly better than at 2.5 pcf, but most cost a lot more. Therefore, the 2.5 pcf is the most cost-effective density for absorbing sound.

    AFB is flexible, like dense household insulation batts. It does not hold it’s shape like rigid fiberglass board (such as Roxul Rockboard 60). AFB is suitable for acoustic insulation inside walls, building into panels, or any place where there is a frame or structure to support it.

    For smaller quantities, order Roxul AFB Single Pieces here.

    For more detailed information, see Selecting the Right Acoustic Material for a comparison of these materials.

    Price: $36.00
    Currently ships within: 1 business day.
    Made in Canada.
  5. alaska

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    Thanks for sharing what you uses in your neck of the woods. I decided to buy from a local vendor because he is always putting a portion of the proceeds into helping less fortunate folks around here. Once I told him what I was making he asked if I decided to sell it he would like to have first dibbs at it. Instead of the Fluk you may want to check out the Raytek Foodpro Plus Its range is -30 to 525 also its not just the laser it also have the attached probe.
  6. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Gary, I will have to check that product out on the next one. Listen to me, Im already planning the next one. Thanks to your fellas I now have and addiction. Since you purchased it from Canada were there any extra fees?
  7. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    That was fun!

    Ok Fellas.... Im needing some guidance on cutting the CC door. This tanks is fairly thick but should I take any steps to keep it form springing which would cause a gap. Also I guess Im going to have to place 1in square tubing around the corners of the firebox to attach the outer skin after placing my insulation on it. DOes anyone else have any alternative suggestions? 
  8. lendecatural

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    Ribwizzard has some really nice straps several of the guys have used that are a brace/hinge and they also provide a place to mount your door handle. Here is one example that doesn't incorporate a hinge, there are more on here. 

    For the firebox corners, you could use 1 1/2 x 1/8 flat bar mounted on 45 degree angle. This yields slightly more than 1" height above the firebox surface and they could be mounted using Harbor Freight welding magnets that will set the angle for you. You could also use the flat bar for your CC door seal.

    Looks really good!

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  9. alaska

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  10. lendecatural

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    Yes, this is a great forum. I've been lurking for a couple of years while I get my stuff together to do a build. I have a bunch of stainless I got from my Dad and trying to decide what and how to make it into a smoker. I'll get photos posted when I get ready to start, I have an old steel boat that's taking all my welding time here lately but the smoker is inching up the list.

    Bama is king around here, I don't have a dog in the hunt since I went to Clemson and we got our asses handed to us last weekend by the Seminoles. Florida State has an awesome team!

  11. No extra fees, I forgot what the shipping charge was.  I ordered 2 boxes, waited and had to email about order, I received an email that apologized for not getting my order, they had been out of the size I ordered and to make up for not receiving as promised they were doubling my order at no extra charge and was sending it right away. Couldn't ask for more than that. We have enough for another insulated build. Probably going to use it or some on an insulated fire box this next build.

  12. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    I will be watching for your build.
  13. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    $20 and a sample of BBQ when completed.... Purty good
  14. boykjo

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    Yea..... hinges...... Are you going to torch the doors or cut with some discs. Raptor700 said to cut the top cut first and then weld the hinges on then make the rest of the cuts. I made the top cut first but left a little in the corners. welded on the hinges then completed the long cuts and finished with a sawzall in the corners. My doors sprang a little but I had removed a section and rewelded the tank back together so I was expecting a little warpage... Its not bad.....
  15. daveomak

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    Remember to allow for the door flange when installing the hinge.....    Dave

  16. Thats right Dave, I see so many people in a hurry to install the hinge aand forget all about the door flange.
  17. alaska

    alaska Meat Mopper

    Opinions needed.... I have seen a couple different ways of installing the hindges. Some put the upper door flange inside to allow the hindge to connect directly to the CC door while others connect it to the flange but that method seems to require a little fabrication.... Would a couple of you share your thoughts or photos of your hindges....
  18. I welded mine onto the door flange,you can see them pretty good in the pics in my build thread.
  19. That is a good looking tank!! My next smoker will be fat and compact like that for more racks, yet still take up the same real estate as the one I am building now.
  20. daveomak

    daveomak Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    1 more idea on pic to enlarge....


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