my favorite store bought hot sauce

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  1. sound1

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    Nice Pepper flavor/heat with less vinegar taste. They make several flavors and heat combinations. 

     I love the Asian sauces but depending on what flavor you are looking for, they don't always fit in with the recipe.

  2. I'm from Louisiana, and though not wanting to start a flame war (pun intended), I'd be interested to hear other LA area opinions...

    We have always made our own hot sauce, but when you're talking about basic restaurant hot sauces, my experience has been that we sell the Tobasco and keep/use Louisiana Hot Sauce (We always called it Red Dot Hot Sauce).  Anybody else like the stuff?
  3. thoseguys26

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    Honestly, I have almost all of those and it depends on the food and the mood for me! I was hooked one each of them for months the first time, especially siracha and cholula chili garlic flavor. 

    Siracha's big brother, the Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce is an absolute must in my kitchen. Especially on hot wings, ramen, mostly everything cooking! 

    If you are ever in the mood for a delicious non-chunky salsa, check this stuff out. La Estrellita Green Jalapeño salsa. It is fantastic and has more heat than you'll typically find in a store bought salsa and it has flavor!!  I never would have found it if it wasn't made down the road from me. It reminds me of my moms salsa.

    Anyone from CO should definitely try it out.
  4. tyotrain

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    I love roaster sauce. It gets used daily in my house. :)

    Have fun and Happy smoking
  5. thoseguys26

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    for cooking, can't beat it. 

  6. davidhef88

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    whenever I make my way to Mexico I always pick up a few variety packs of this stuff.  good heat and flavor..

  7. miamirick

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    casino that is good stuff there    good flavor and some heat as well    i've got a couple in the fridge now
  8. atcnick

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    Louisiana hot sauce

  9. I like making my own sauces, but if I'm out I will pick up some Rooster Sauce.
    I also kind of like Tabasco's Chipotle sauce.

    Not a big variety of sauces available off-the-shelf here.

  10. I think the original is okay, I like it better than Tabasco, but the chipotle really sucks!!!

    I briefly reviewed it here.......

  11. This is my go to everything sauce .. .other than that we make our own [​IMG]
  12. ddt79

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    Fairly low on the Scoville scale, but big on Taste!  How can you go wrong with BACON!
  13. michael ark

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    I like texas pete and lousania. When I want to kick it up I have a bottle of 100% pain that's stupid hot.
  14. I recently re-sampled 4 of the most commonly available cayenne sauces intended as a base for a project I'm doing.

    It reaffirmed my previous tests.

    I like the flavor of Louisiana the best, it's richer.
    Texas Pete's would be second, followed by Crystal and Frank's.

  15. Yeah I like that too. But...


    I have a bottle of Special reserve around here too.
  16. ddt79

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    +10 Awesome points for the Blair's 2am and 3am reserve!
  17. This is my every day goto hot sauce.  Not too hot, great flavor and I don't regret it the next day.

  18. thoseguys26

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    I like that comment, haha.. sometimes I go to heavy on the chili extract and the next day the fire crickets come. [​IMG]
  19. Sometimes I can't decide.


    Dang, gotta get a new camera.
  20. bigblue

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    100% pain I have a bottle of that and i think i will still have it when i die

    STUPID HOT!!!!!!

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