My fathers gift to the world

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by williamzanzinger, Jul 25, 2008.

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    My father is a genious cook in his own right. Known for the gift of excess. This is a pure example of a dish he would make for us as kids when mom of course wasnt home. Maybe accompanied by fried heavily salted pork chunks. Anyway this one is Pepperoni with rice, where HE would of course NOT skim any of the grease from the pepperoni, I do, you got to know when enough is too much. added the chicken to make a complete meal but just pepperoni makes a great side dish. For the cooking handicapped just buy a bag of yellow rice mix and begin the recipe by browning stick pepperoni chunks, remove chunks until all ingredients come to a boil otherwise the pepperoni will lose all thier flavor.
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    looks good!
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    now that looks delicious
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    I made this for a party last weekend, I sauted some onions with the pepperoni, and I added a handful of peas to the rice while it was cooking, came out great and it went over well.
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    A little more instruction, please? I'm not real familiar with the style...but it seems you are in several different posts/recipes!
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    OMG, that looks amazing. You father is right though, I wouldn't touch the grease. lol

    I realy like the chicken you added, I bet it was just falling off the bone.
    your beans look great too, what is the recipe for them?

    excuse me I have to get a towel, too much drool.

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    Sorry for the delay, didnt see the replies asking for instructions. I did a similar post really breaking down the steps.

    The first step is stocking your cupboard.
    If you can buy sofrito,recaito, and sofrito your golden otherwisse youll need to stock your cupboards further with the ingredients that make up those 3 neccesarry components. Sofrito is as diversified as rib rubs so this link ill prove is just an outline. Add habaneros

    Recaito is a mix of cilantro and culantro. You can use fresh cilantro, leaves stems and all chopped up. A lot of home cooks will throw in whole branches then fish them out later.

    Any meats will do Pork being your first choice. Chicken preferably dark of at least an equal mix is great for chicken and rice, pork still welcome hee hee.

    heres someone elses take on it..
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    Thank you!

    I copied these links into my special chef place.
    you are credited too, just in case I ever write a cook book. which probably will happen someday, because I will eventually get tired of all my family and friends telling me to.

    but since these are latin inspired: Gracias!
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    Hmmmm my favorite...arroz con pollo..sin manteca,usted es Panameno?

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