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    So I go and buy a packer brisket.  Looked real good to me and paid for it, and it goes into the fridge for a couple of days before I prepare to smoke it.  I always pay attention to labels ect. being a retired meat cutter.  Not this time though.  Get ready to prepare it and low and behold I find out this brisket is USDA Select.  Only did choice before and am not a fan of select anything.  Well my bad, but I took it as a chalenge.  So here is what I did.

    The brisket weighed in at around 12 pounds.  Too big for the smoker so I cut the point end off.  Made some beef broth [low sodium] with added garlic and some butter.  brought it up to a simmer and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.  Then I let it cool some to luke warm.  Got my injector out and put a lot of that beef broth inside that brisket.  Then I put some rub all over the brisket.  I'm going to put the brisket fat side down to keep the moisture inside the meat.  The fat acts as kind of a seal so to speak.  Then I put bacon slices on the meaty side to prevent the meat from getting dry and add some magic from the bacon as it does to so many things I eat.

    Set the smoker temp at 230 deg and in the briskets went.  Kept the briskets in the smoker for 12 hours, and the internal was at 180 deg.  Took the briskets out and put them in two aluminum throw away's with some Lipton beefy onion soup I made ahead.  That will also be my au jus that I will put the slices in when done.  Covered the pans with foil and put them back in the smoker until the internal is 205.  I forgot to say that I put apple smoke for about 6 hours on the briskets prior to panning them.

    When the internal was 205 I took the pans out still covered and let them rest for another 2 hours.  Then trimmed all the fat off the outside and sliced them, putting them in the beefy onion au jus for the trip to my daughters house the next day.  There I re-heated the slices.  One pan I put the beefy onion au jus, and the other pan I put some of my sauce I make up.  I made two 5 pound prime ribs also at my daughters house.  Put the rib roasts in the oven for a hour at 450 to sear them.  Turned down the heat to 225 until the internal was 130 deg and then let them rest for 20 minutes.  Took the back ribs off and sauced them and put them back in the oven for awhile.  Made some more of that Lipton beefy onion for the au jus for the slices of prime rib as well [added some garlic to that also].  Here is some pic's of the process--

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  2. Wow that all looks very nice man!  [​IMG]   All but those green things in the last picture (they look nice too but can't eat them) I'd say your personal challenge was conquered quite successfully  [​IMG]  

    That au jus looks exceptionally good from here!
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