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Discussion in 'Pork' started by jaxflsmoker, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Ok so I am having a cookout this weekend. I expect about 15-20 people. I have a 7lb pork butt,a bunch of chicken thighs and was thinking about doing a fattie for the first time. I'm also going to smoke some Baked beans from scratch and try the Mac&Cheese recipe that was on Facebook from Jeff the other day. I'm planning on people being here around 2pm so I can smoke the butt through the night and focus on the chicken and fattie during the day. I have a Masterbuilt Pro gas smoker and have access to a smaller electric smoker.

    So y'alls thoughts on 

    A} If I am biting off more than I can chew {pun intended}

    B} Do I have enough food.... not everyone will eat much... but I don't want to run out...

    C} Ideas on if I cut the 7lb butt into 2 pieces to a} cook different ways and b} cook more evenly

    D} Anything I might not be thinking of....

    I plan to start the butt{s} around 10pm and figure it will take about 11 hours putting me at 9am done time and I want to put the beans under the butt{s} at around the 8 hour mark.

    I can use the electric smoker for the chicken and Mac&cheese if need be, the chicken is marinated in my special blend for 24 hours, I usually grill it, but a smoker will work great too.

    Yes I have made baked beans in the smoker before, but only twice and am still getting it perfect.

    There will be others bringing some stuff, but not positive on what yet.....
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  2. noboundaries

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    That should be plenty of food, especially if folks are bringing something. 

    You're timing seems fine.  I wouldn't bother cutting the butt into two pieces.  It will throw your timing off.

    Having a bunch of chicken thighs is a good thing.  If they are bone in, skin on thighs, you can crisp the skin on the grill once you are finished smoking them. 

    Everybody seems to like smoked beans.  I usually try to have one or two non-smoked sides just for balance.  A slaw is always a nice addition to what you have listed on your menu.  It doesn't take long to make and can be cooled in the refrigerator, or a cooler with ice.  Maybe one of the guests is bringing a slaw. 

    Have fun! 
  3. jaxflsmoker

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    someone is bringing a potatoe/cabbage/beacon dish that looks AMAZING, plus a banana pudding. than ks for the input.... I'm getting pretty nervous about it... I always do lol
  4. noboundaries

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    That just means you'll be extra careful, and won't get much sleep, but at least everything will get done and people will go home healthy!
  5. jaxflsmoker

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    Another question for those that use a similar type of smoker.... I have chunks or fresh maple wood I was going to use, basically it was a log or 3 that was cut into more manageable "disks" each a couple of foot tall.... could I just cut it into splits and toss a couple in to provide for a longer smoke time without refueling? Or would that increase the temperature too much?
  6. jaxflsmoker

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    Yeah, not much sleep for me that weekend, but I love cooking for people.
  7. Start most of it early, it's easier to hold stuff successfully than to cook it quicker.

    Good luck.Thumbs Up
  8. sauced

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    I agree....worst thing that can happen is the meat is not done and guests are ready to eat. Best to get it done early and hold it or reheat if need be. But, sounds like you are well prepared to go.....keep us informed!!

    Good luck
  9. jaxflsmoker

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    Thanks guys, I agree with getting it done early... I have had problems in the past of cutting it too close. If it sits in a cooler wrapped in towels for say 2-3 hours, will it still be warm-hot? I will try to remember to take lots of pictures and put up a post day after.
  10. jckdanls 07

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    yes.. it will still be hot.. almost to hot to pull by hand ...
  11. Wrap it well and stick it in a cooler and it'll stay nice and hot for a good long while. 
  12. garyhibbert

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    I'd say you've got it pretty well covered.  Enjoy the day.

  13. mike5051

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    Your cookout sounds great!  I know it's stressful, but you've really got it covered!  Post some pics if you can, but you probably will be too busy making sure your guests are taken care of.  Above all....enjoy the company and have fun!

  14. jaxflsmoker

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    Ok guys so here's my update. It went great! I ended up buying another 7lb butt.... I didn't want to run out, plus I like to have leftover to freeze and use in soups and chili. I pulled the butts from the fridge and rubbed them down with honey and then applied a rub. I used the "big bald bbq rub" from Jeff's book. I got the smoker up yo 220 and slid them puppies in there..... somehow I was retarded and miscalculated the time...I put them in at 9pm and figured I would take them out around 10... for those that are good at math {I usually am} that is 13 hours.... I actually pulled them at 9:30 so they spent 12.5 hours in. I used a combination of maple splits, apple chunks and maple chips. I had one significant temp spike after I added my first maple split... it got to around 300 degrees, I just opened the door to get some heat out and adjusted. I stayed on top of it adding smoke and checking heat until around 1:30 am then I fell asleep. I got up around 6, pout some more smoke in there and stayed on it after that. at 9:30 I pulled and wrapped them, put them in a cooler.

    Set up the smoker to cook at 240 and used maple and cherry chips. Got my chicken put in, I figured 4 hours for them tops... While the chicken was in I got my beans ready and made the mac&cheese. after an hour I had to pull one of the pans of chicken due to a lack of room for my 2 sides. I just stuck it in the oven at 240 degrees. I did have a hard time keeping the temp steady, it bounced around just a bit, nothing serious. People started showing up at 1:45 so I went ahead and pulled a butt and got things started. the beans were done... but not thick enough so I put them in the over at 350.  Everything tasted great, the pork was tender and juicy, the mac&cheese was a huge hit and the beans were fabulous. 

    Some of the things I learned from this was timing is key, Don't trying to finish as everyone is getting here. Always buy extra... the  additional $8 I spent on another butt was well worth it for my piece of mind so I didn't feel the need to ration.  I'm posting some pictures they are in chronological order so just follow along.

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  15. jaxflsmoker

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  16. That looks fabulous. Congrats
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  17. mike5051

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    That looks great!  [​IMG]   I had a feeling things would go well!


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