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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokinstevo27, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Thursday was my birthday and we are having my family over for dinner. I got a new canon camera for my birthday but it hasn't arrived yet so no q view.[​IMG]

    Anyway, I did a 8 lb butt, ABTs, dino bones and stuffed mushrooms with smoked brats in the mix. Wish I could have shared but I guess you guys can imagine. And yes IT DID HAPPEN, getting that out before I hear the mantra haha. I'm so ticked at fedex!
  2. Happy Birthday! Better that than a camera and no butt. [​IMG]
  3. carson627

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    Happy belated birthday.  Enjoy your camera and the Q!
  4. squirrel

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    Birthday hugs sent your way!!!!!
  5. aww. Thanks squirell
  6. scarbelly

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    Happy Birthday Steve. Sounds like it was good anyway
  7. yep everything is lookin good, thanks for the birthday wishes scar! Thanks to everyone.
  8. meateater

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    Well happy birthday and sounds like a good time was had. We'll let ya slide this time. [​IMG]
  9. Thanks everybody. We had a feast. Best beef back ribs I've ever done. ABTs stuffed with brats, extra sharp cheddar and cream cheese were awsome. I've got butts pretty much down pat so it was good as usual. The mushrooms were the first I've ever smoked and they were killer. It's all thanks to this site and the people on it. I have learned a lot here and I appreciate it. I just turned 28 so hopefully I have many more years of bbq ahead of me!
  10. thebarbequeen

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    Cheers to you on your birthday feast !!  sounds like an awesome menu, and pictures or not we want Details.. Did you use a particular rub on the ribs? go 3-2-1? how did you do the mushrooms?  I always end up doing the cooking on my bday but I always get what I want - a great time with friends and family!
  11. Thanks. Beef ribs got a rub of paprika, granulated garlic, onion powder, dried thyme, cayenne and brown sugar. 3 2 1 folied with beer, great pull back and tender as all get out. The mushrooms I got stuffer mushrooms, hollowed them out and filled them with a mixture of cream cheeese, extra sharp cheddar, rib rub, and some bratwurst I had smoked. The shrooms went into the smoker for about hour and a half, they were sooo good. I enjoy cooking even on my birthday, and it does ensure that you get what you want!


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