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    So, I picked up 2 eye rounds, price seemed decent $3.79lb.  One is near 3 lbs, the other is just over 3lbs.  I put them in the freezer yesterday, as I'm just not sure what to do with them.  I still have a bit of dried beef left over, and the 2 eye rounds before that went to Thai jerky.  Just looking for any good ideas of the next new smoke for me, I can brine em, cure em, age em, don't care!
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  2. I will be watching this.

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    Ok, I've just found a thread on here describing South African biltong.  Don't think I'll use these eye rounds for that, but I may go to the store and get me a couple of 1/2 inch lean steaks to try this out.  My drying space options are either big chief with a 20 watt bulb at the bottom...dehydrator...Masterbuilt set at just above ambient temp..or homeade cardboard box with bulb and fan on low. thoughts? 
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    If you have a slicer, I would just smoke them real low, maybe about 200 degrees for a few hours until they reach your desired IT (I like 125 - rare) and have smoked roast beef for sandwiches.  Serve it up with some cheese and horseradish mayo and you have something similar to a Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwich.  It's really great!
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    That sounds pretty good Wortktogthr, seeing as I'm from Buffalo, NY, we have THE Kimmelweck rolls to put em on!  Beef on Weck sandwiches are very popular around here, last time I made some, I bought the beef presliced and threw it in the slo cooker with au jus, it was pretty good, company was over for a Bills football game, and there was none left.  I do own a slicer, if I cook it low and slow in the smoker, will it be tender/rare in the middle? 
  6. worktogthr

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    Yeah, it will be very tender and pink wall to wall of you pull it around 125. Delicious for sandwiches and if anyone doesn't like it that rare it can always be heated in a pan or in the microwave
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    Sounds good, I may see if this weekends busy as I'd like to invite some company over...maybe for playoff hockey!! and beef on weck.  I'm thinking if I leave a pan underneath to catch drippings I can make my own au jus?  Also do you rub the beef with anything?
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    Thanks Al, that pastrami has made the list of things to make and I'll post as soon as I do.  Right now I'm a bit heavy on smoked ham and dried beef for sandwiches, so I've got to back off on making more lunchmeat for just a bit...but trust me, I WILL make pastrami, that looks amazing!!

    I can't get the biltong out of my head at the moment, this is what happens to me, I find something new and think about it non stop probably ocd or something idk.  I'm going to thaw one of those eye rounds and cut it for the biltong, just not sure how I'm going to dry it yet, but I've got about 1 day to figure that out[​IMG]
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    Ok, I now have what I believe will work for making biltong in my MES 3, with a few modifications I'm about to show you..First, I took a 12dc fan out of a computer supply I had and measured it to the MES round inlet hole, almost perfect fit!!  I took the top 2 screws out, and with a little cutting/drilling the fan mates up to the 3 inch hole nice and snug.  Then I grabbed an 120v to 15v inverter and wired that into the fan.  BAM!  not only does it deliver a constant flow of air throughout my MES, but with the door shut I can feel a decent breeze out the vent hole in the top!!  I took out the other eye round a while ago, as I think they're both going to take part in this experiment!  Here's a few pics:

    Just the top 2 bolts in, Very small gap at the top, I'll tape that

    That's my inverter, I took that out of a broken coolant flush machine about 2 years ago!

    A pic of the setup, I'll cover/tape up the wires I'm not using.  I don't see why I cant set my MES to run at 80-90 degrees while drying, the high temps for the next 3 days isn't going to get over 72 (they say)
  11. jeepsjeep

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    All loaded up!  I taped a piece of screen over the vent just in case..It's going to drop into the 30's here tonight so I set the temp to stay at 60
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    Here they are after about 36 hours, starting to harden up a bit.  I have the temp set at 80 degrees, just because its not too warm here south of Buffalo these days.  I think it may be ready by tomorrow!  I did cut an end off and snack on it, little salty, but not too bad, I think this is going to be some good stuff!
  13. jeepsjeep

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    So, It turned out amazing!!! its my new favorite next to disco's thai jerky......I'm eating some now, WOW!
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    This looks really good and is going on my expanding lists of things to try!



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