My barrels for uds

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  1. picked up 2 barrels they are unlined the seller said they had silicone bags in them.but clean on the inside.dont see any liner on the inside not able to burn out I live in ft.worth thinking about sandblasting any ideas
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  2. Very nice barrels! What type of a company did you get them from? Thanks!
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    I had mine sand blasted inside and out. Lid also. Total cost was $25. I had the exterior of the drum and lid powder coated with high temp powder coating, $50. Powder coat shop did the blasting and the coating.
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    Those are some nice looking barrels! Can't wait to see the build!
  5. i found them from a guy in ft.woth on Craigslist he always has them
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  6. Thank you, although I don't think shipping would be reasonable to the northeast. I'll keep looking. Just picked up a "H" drum in nice shape though.


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