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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mummel, May 8, 2016.

  1. Here she is!  Best part is its raining outside and I dont have a worry in the world.  Glad I finally found a solution to the "no MES in the rain" problem.

    Let the smoke season begin!

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    We get sideways rain around here. I wonder if it will work if you have to close all the doors & the top too.

  3. Looks good, mummel.  One of our sons is planning to do the same thing for his MES.  Add a small folding table and a few tubs for supplies and you've got it made....

    You cold even put a small fridge in there.

  4. Yeah the doors all close but I keep the lid up. However, once I'm done with the smoking part, I close the vent and chip loader to save on energy, and there is hardly any heat that escapes. In curious if the plastic lid will survive? With the vent open, it's too hot. Lid can't be closed.
  5. Time to go MacGyver on it...

  6. You could add some foil faced rigid insulation. Have the foil face out towards the smoker. That would help protect the plastic. Glue it on with construction adhesive.
  7. BTW - I made the best butt I've ever made this past weekend (bone in, I did not trim the fat cap).  Absolutely no frills.  Cut open the packet, applied Pork Barrel BBQ rub + brown sugar, tossed in smoker at 225F (Amazen did not fail, thats 2/2 this season), no foil, cooked to 203F, took 1.5 hours / lb and sat for 1 hour in foil (no cooler).

    I was blown away.  It was the juiciest pork butt I've ever made by a factor of X100.  It was so easy to make.

    I know this post is worthless without pics so sorry, but just wanted to let people know to try this method (i.e. forget 24 hour dry brining, applying rub the night before, foiling etc).  To much work.  This one kicked ass.
  8. nice looking baby there.

  9. Would the heat reflecting back toward the outside of the smoker melt the plastic on the outside of the smoker? That would be my only concern

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