My 4th time smoking ribs

Discussion in 'Pork' started by shea1973, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Well last Saturday I smoked some ribs with hickory.  It was about my 4th time doing so.  The first time I ever smoked ribs, they were perfect and fell right off the bone.  This time they were good, but didn't fall right off the bone.  A little on the tough side but over all it turned out pretty good.  I smoked them for about 5 hours.  I used Hickory Kingsford charcoel this time, plus put in to Hickory logs with it to start it out.  Over all I used about 4 pices of wood and a little under half of bag of Hickory Charceol.

    This is what I started out with.

    This was the final result![​IMG]   One had rub on it and the other did not have any rub.  However the last hour I basted them both with Sweet Baby Rays, which is our familys favorite BBQ sauce![​IMG]
  2. Also a question on posting pictures here.  I use Photobucket, but for some reason on this forums I can never get the pictures to show up.  I always have to post a link to them.  How do you do it to were the pictures show up on the forums?
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    The ribs sure look good.

    Not sure on the photobucket thing, I just upload them from my computer.
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    Great looking ribs![​IMG]
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    My pics always download to Snapfish. I then go there and pick the pics I want & save to my desktop. When you start a new thread look to the right side of the icons and there's a little house in a frame. Point the mouse over it and it says 'insert image' then go to the desktop & pick them.  I'm sure there are other ways but I start with the last pic I want and upload them that way.
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    You have to do the Direct Link when using photobucket here for some reason. Usually you would use the IMG CODE one, but for some reason they have it set up different here.

     You said these were a little tougher that the first time. Did you do them longer the first time? I guess you were not using the 3-2-1 way of doing ribs?

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