my 4th Brisket....screwed me.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by cle-q, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Here I actually started to think I knew what I was doing.  Boy was I wrong.  I had invited Family in from out of town for the weekend.  PERFECT time to show off my smoking abilities!  I was hyping it up all week.  The plan was to make 1 butt and 1 brisket for Sunday afternoon, so as I have done 3 times this summer before, I prepped the meat and had it on the cooker at 10PM Saturday night.  Usually, a 14LB. Brisket is done between 10 and 12 the following day.  The night went well.  Nice steady temps.  Good smoke.  All is right with the world.  So after tending to it all night I finally went to sleep about 6AM.  When I woke up to check the meat at 8,  the butt was at 165 and the brisket was only at 150.  Long story short, the butt came out at 7PM AND THE BRISKET DIDN'T HIT 195 UNTIL MIDNIGHT!!!!!  What the hell 26 hours?????  

    To make things worse, I planned on letting it rest for 2 hours and then tossing it in the fridge for another day.  I set my alarm for 2 hours after I pulled the meat off and wouldn't you know it...the alarm never went off.  So, this brings me to my next question.  The brisket sat in foil in a cooler all night long.  I probed it this morning and it was still 117 in the flat and 125 in the point.  Is this piece of meat ok to eat?  I never sliced it.  It is now residing in the fridge.  What is the best way to reheat this thing?  
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    I would eat it.
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    I would think this is ok. I often let mine sit in the cooler all night and slice it the follow day. As for reheating I sometimes take slices and slowly reheat in a pan on the stove using the juices from the brisket (always save the liquid) in the pan. This works for me.
  4. Do you guys think it will be ok if I reaheat the whole brisket in the oven?  LIke, 250 for 4 hours unitl it gets back up to 140?  Or am I better off slicing it cold, then portioning and reheating that way?
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    I would slice it & reheat it in some pan juice.

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    I agree with the recommendation above.  Need the additional moisture fr reheating otherwise it may dry out a bit given the ength of time it would take to heat the whole thing.
  7. There arent any pan drippings.  When I took the thing out of the cooler this morning to put it in the fridge, the cooler was dry.  All the juices are re-absorbed into the meat.  So should I slice it up cold and reheat the slices?
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    It might end up dry - you could add beef broth as a substitute for pan juice.

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