My 4th Brisket on My Old Country Wrangler

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mickhlr, May 23, 2014.

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    On all the briskets I've ever cooked, I've always used my rub.  However, this time I tried it with just Kosher Salt and Course Ground Black Pepper.  I have to say, this is my favorite brisket yet.  And, for me, it was perfect...even if it was a tad too spicy for the wife.

    So, I trimmed it, salt and peppered it, wrapped it up and put it in the fridge over-night.

    The next day, I pulled it out of the fridge and let it set at room temperature while I was getting the smoker ready.  Beef is the only meat you can do this with. Let my smoker get up to speed, using post oak, and then lowered the temp back down to about 275*...and threw it on, fat side up.  Now, I always smoke my brisket at around 275* to 300*.  Mainly, to avoid the stall.  I've ran into brisket smokes that took 10-12 hours at 225*, but at 275* I'm normally done in around 6 hours.  And, I always use my Maverick, so I get the true temp.

    This pic just shows how far off my Old Country temp gauge is off.  I know when the smoker's temp gauge is showing 200*, it's really about 275*.  Believe it, or not, my $700 Weber Genesis grill is off by about 80*...I couldn't believe it.  But, after doing the boiling water and ice cube test on the Maverick numerous time, I trust what it says...not these cheap gauges.


    Enjoying the day, the view, the Newcastle...and letting the meat smoke.

    After about 4 hours, I've got an internal temp of 165*, I take it off and wrap it.

    Put it back on smoker in the same aluminum pan I used earlier.  About 2 hours later, I've got an internal temp of 195*.  It went right on through the stall period of anywhere from about 165*-185*.  So, I unwrap it and put it back on the smoker.  About 45 minutes later, we have an internal temp of 202.  So, I take it off to rest.

    I let it rest for about 40 minutes, and started carving it up.  WOW!!  Great flavor, very tender, very juicy...even the flat was juicy, and burnt ends were awesome!  And, I Ioved the pepper taste.

    Look at that smoke ring.  Mmm, Mmm!!!

  2. Beautiful smoke ring looks fantastic doing a brisket Sunday hope she turns out half as nice. Great smoke brother and what a view.
  3. bworthy

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    Looks really good!
  4. I'm doing ribs for the holiday.....but looking at those pics makes me hungry for brisket!!!

  5. mickhlr

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    Thanks guys!! It was fun! I've smoked a lot of briskets, but that was only the 4th one on this smoker. It's my first stick burner & I've been having a lot of fun playing with it. Gonna do some ribs this weekend.

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