My 2nd smoke.... trying a nice 7lbs brisket (With Pics!!!!)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dizuster, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. dizuster

    dizuster Newbie

    Well... just got done prepping for my 2nd smoke ever.   Last weekend I did 3 slabs of ribs in Apple wood (I have a MGS 30).   Turned out great.

    Time for the brisket attempt....

    Ordered Jeff's rub recipie today, and I'm onto the brisket tonight.

    7lbs.  USDA Choice from Costco

    Cross hatch cut on the fat cap side

    slathered in mustard, with a nice application of Jeff's rub (on both sides)

    In the fridge waiting for tomorrow morning's 5am start.   Hoping to have it done in the late afternoon.

    Do you guys like smoking direct on a rack, or should I put it on a cookie sheet to catch the juices?  (or maybe direct on a rack, with the pan one grate down to catch the drippings)

    Does it need a apple juice (or any other) spray every few hours?

    How about flipping?

    Planning on 225 for 10~12hrs... is that about right?

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Make sure you leave yourself an hour or two for resting. When she hits the finish temp you need to double wrap in foil with a little juice and / or drippings, wrap in a heavy towel, and let her take a nap in the cooler. That's when she really gets nice. I'd either cook a little hotter or start a little earlier for a late afternoon service. If you're done a bit earlier than expected just leave her in the cooler. But your plan is pretty good. I'd go with the pan on the next rack to catch the drippings, but dont use a cookie sheet it may warp and is probably too shallow. As for spritz, brisket has plenty of fat to keep her moist, and everytime you open that door you lose a good amount of cook time. But if you feel you want to then give it a try. Brisket just kinda should be left alone and, if you have patience, you'll be rewarded. All the best to you.
  3. woodsey32

    woodsey32 Newbie

    I too am going to be trying my first brisket. Thank you dizuster for the step by step, beautiful pictures by the way. My only question is how should the brisket be served? If you place the brisket in the cooler, how do you warm it up without during it out?
  4. Looks like a great Brisket! I have one in the smoker right now for Costco too. Can I asks why you score the fat cap? I have always heard to keep it intact, as always there is a multitude of ways to do everything's just wondering about your experience and if it helps the tenderness.

    As for the warming up after the brisket has been in a towel and in a cooler, I have had mine in that set up for a couple hours, then removed to slice and eat, it kept a lot of the heat, as did my pork butts and turkey when I employ this method to let the juices redistribute.
  5. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    If you pull it right out of the cooker and double wrap, cover in a blanket or towel, and put in a cooler, she'll stay hot for a good 3 hours..... or better.
  6. dizuster

    dizuster Newbie

    Zero experience why I would "score" the fat.  Just read it in one of Jeff's recipes so I did it.   This is only the 2nd time I have EVER fired up a smoker, so I have no experience to pull from... lol

    Do you guys "flip" your brisket at all?

    I started low with this thing (on accident).   It was at 170 for a good three hours, which meant hardly any smoke.   I had left early this morning, and by the time I got back it was way below my 225~240 target.

    Cracked the heat a little, and now it's been at ~240 for the 2nd three hours.  Just about time to put the probe in it, and start monitoring internal temps.
  7. ellymae

    ellymae Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    As to flipping - there is a lit of discussion about fat up or fat down.. I cook on a Traeger or Big Green Egg and usually cook fat cap down to shield the meat from the heat.

    As far as putting the probe in, just remember not to cook to a certain temp, cook until your probe goes in without any resistance. I agree with adding some time to allow for a nice long rest wrapped in foil and a towel in a warm, dry cooler. That is a magic box...
  8. hambone1950

    hambone1950 Master of the Pit Group Lead

    If I may interject , I believe the theory on scoring the fat is that it lets the rub melt into the fat to permeate the rendered fat with the spices , thus finding their way into the meat. At least I have read that. YMMV.
    The brisket looks good , BTW , you are doing good ! :grilling_smilie:
  9. dizuster

    dizuster Newbie

    Well... Had a bunch of people over to enjoy this brisket, but unfortunately I'm going on nearly 13hrs now. Stalled at 156... Not gonna make it for feeding everyone especially if I have to give it a good rest.

    Nothings open on Sunday night here for food. Just had to go pick up a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken to feed every one.

  10. The joys of smokin!

    I had an almost bigger fail. My smoker took a gust of wind from the opposite side of where I had the wind block set up and tipped over. I was able to save the brisket as it never hit the concrete. I heated the oven to 250 and was able to get it to temperature in just a few hours. I was just able to pull it out of the oven and get it in the cooler for a rest.

    Good luck finishing it off, it will be delicious, even if your eating at 10.

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