My 2nd ECB Smoked Turkey, 1st with SMF Advice

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by byounghusband, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. All right,
    I gots LOTS of advice from all of you on smoking this year's bird. THANK YOU ALL!!! You da MEN!! I did this one yesterday.

    I did a Buttermilk brine (thanks Chixojim) this year and and used the Slaughterhouse injection. Also tried the Smoked Gravy idea.... (thanks BBQEngineer) I will let you know how the family like the gravy tonight.....

    I did have an issue with smoker temp this time.... It was windy here and I just couldn't keep the temp up... And once I got a handle on that, the bird plateau'd at 149* for over an hour.... I cranked the heat again and FINALLY got to 165* in the breast and pulled it....

    I don't have one of those cool belnders like BBQEngineer, but the food processor made mincemeat out of the veggies and the broth is in the fridge chilling so I can de-fat it. Then all back on the stove to finish.
    I am also doing one in the oven with stuffing (gotta have tradition and Mom's stuffing recipe!!)

    Here is the 10.5 lb. bird in the brine in the bag in the cooler with ice:

    Done Brining ind in the sink:

    Washed up:


    All Plumped up. See the difference?:

    Gravy's ready to go too....

    Smoker's ready:

    On the Smoker:

    One done bird:

    Gravy's done too. WOW does it smeel good!! Can't wait to try it...:

    Let it sit for about 15 minutes and began carving. Here is what is coming off:

    1/2 carved. Juicy bird!!

    Oh yeah!! IT tastes GREAT!!! Even my daughter, who isn't a "Smoked" fan wouldn't leave it alone. I had to chase her and my wife away so no one got cut. Nothing like reaching across my field of vew to snag a piece of meat when I am cutting.... [​IMG]
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    I'm really glad everything came out all right for you. The bird looks fabulous and [​IMG]have to go out to you for pulling it all off. enjoy an may the:

    smoke be with you
  3. bandcollector

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    Really dark mahogany color. How long did you apply smoke and what type of wood did you use? Looks delicious!

  4. beer-b-q

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    Looks Great, Nice Color...[​IMG]
  5. Thanks all!! 'ppreciate the points!!

    I used Pecan for the smoke and added two small pieces every couple hours. Due to the issues with temp and the plateau, it was on for 6 hours.... Left it on to internal temp and not time. That is one of the biggest tips I have learned from here!!
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    Very nice.I love the Pecan on poultry myself.....[​IMG]

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