My 2-2-.5 ribs With Q-view

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  1. Hello all.

    Today I did some ribs. They are from a pig that I had gotten this fall. They were labeled as spares, but were small and not too meaty.

    So here we go

    Got to have the boss watch me the whole time to see if I drop anything on the floor for him

    The rub I use, BTW this stuff is awesome on grilled chicken wings

    Here they are wrapped ready for a rest and then to the smoker. Smoked with a mix of apple and hickory.

    The juice I used for foiling was a mix of Sweet Baby Ray's, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Pie Moonshine.

    All done. Going to serve these with Corn Bread and some Sweet Tea.

    Thanks for checking out my smoke for today. Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.
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    Looks great!  Ya gotta love ribs...[​IMG]
  3. Good stuff.  I have never heard of that rub.  Is it a local or regional product?
  4. The company is based in WI, but they have stores all over the country and you can order online as well. If there is a store close to you, i recomend checking it out. They have all of thier spices sittind out in "sample" containers so that you can smell them and see if it is what you are looking for. I get all of my spices there.
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    Looking good!
  6. smokeusum

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    Nom nom nom!!! I'm starving and those look AWESOME!!!

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