My 1st whole brisket.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by talox, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Bought  1/2 a cow earlier this year and ended up with a small 10lb brisket so I decided it would be used  for my end of summer Q.

    I couldn't distinguish the point  maybe  just a sliver across the top. 

    here she is  after  being rubbed and resting for nearly  36 hours

    At 10lb  being  kind of thin I'm shooting for 13 hours in the Drum at 225-250 and 1hr in the cooler.

    We'll see what happens. 

    At 11 i'll toss on 3 racks of Babybacks
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    Here the drum

    Temperature at the top of the Brisket was 225  before I opened to mop

    using  lump charcoal and  seasoned Apple Wood

    and a quick look and mop at 3 1/2 hours  

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    Ribs went on at 10 brisket is at 163

    at 1:00 the ribs are ready for foil and the brisket has just started to move ....  167

    UDS temp been between 215 and 230 all morning

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    Out of the oven at 4:45,  wrapped in a towel for an hour. and sliced at 5:45


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