my 1st seared brisket, okie's method

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ozsmoker, Apr 16, 2015.

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    11# whole packer from walmart :( so it wasn't choice or anything, total time was about 10.5hrs at 230 in the MES

    This is my 3rd brisket, the other two were choice and were done the traditional method. Although far from perfect, this has been my best brisket yet

    Marinated with kraft zesty italian for 2.5 days in the fridge (a little too long imo), then patted dry and sprayed with a bit of olive oil and applied a bit of rub (i should have used much more)

    I seared using mesquite lump, 3 mins fat side first, then flipped and only did 2 on the exposed side (probably should have done 2.5-3 mins, but it seared/blackened very nicely)

    I think my mes woodchip burner is clogged because i didn't see much smoke coming out the top vents, most of it was coming out the side of the woodchip burner, so the strong smoke flavor was absent, but not completely which was ok in the end

    Pic below shows post sear, ready to be smoked. I put the temp probe in immediately after the sear (going against the advice given)...  I couldn't take a photo of the coolest part, the actual sear, because it was so windy the flames engulfed the entire brisket

    I think the best part (apart from the sear) is saving all the juices....

    I pulled it at 199, let it sit for 10 mins (I feel i should have let it sit longer, but the natives were getting restless) and sliced across the grain
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    If the smoke was coming out of the chip loader you could be experiencing some back draft from wind getting in your exhaust. There have been a lot of recent threads about MES owners needing chimneys to prevent that problem.

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