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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by grilldad, Jan 6, 2014.

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    I got a Myron Mixon cook book for Christmas gift and I wanted to try his world-famous cupcake chicken. I trimmed the knuckle bone off 6 chicken thighs and placed them skin side down in a aluminum cupcake tray with holes poked in the bottom then put the tray in a pan of chicken broth. Cooked for 2h @ 300 with apple and hickory smoke. Then flipped the thighs and seasoned with Myrons basic chicken rub. and back in the smoker for 45m. Then pulled the chicken out of the cupcake tray and rolled them in them the sauce from his book. then back in the smoker to caramelize the glaze. This was not the simplest way to cook chicken but wow was it tasty! Served with pepper jack mack'n'cheese and some home brew.

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    Looks good. Been courious to how they turn out and what they look like.

    Did you share with your furry helpers that we're stalking on the edge of the picture?
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    Nope I made 6 and ate 4. My wife and daughter had the other too. For some reason when I cook my dogs always hang out around my smoker...don't turn your back on them when you rest the meat!
  4. So different and interesting and fun! Great job! Cheers! - Leah
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    Cupcake chicken is always fun to do. I have Myrons book too but I have not tried his recipe. Looking at the way yours turned out I think I might [​IMG]
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    The home brew looks great too - If you need anyone to give you a second opinion as to how it tastes then just let me know [​IMG]
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