My 1st attempt at cheese on the new pit

Discussion in 'Cheese' started by mrmeatcutter, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Well after seeing some of the great results granitman had with his cheese I gave it a try today. As my pit is 7 ft long I put just a small mount of coals in the fire box, and put the cheese on the top rack at the furthest end. I found it was very difficult to have any control at all of the temp with such large area. The cheese never did melt but it did deform. I left it in for about an hour. I took it off and put it in the fridge. Thinking about maybe giving it another dose of smoke tomorrow.

    Any tips out there?


    before the smoke


    Mid way.


    After chilling.
  2. tjohnson

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    Looks like you got good color

    I would pack 1/2 as is, and the rest you could smoke again.  It's trial and error to see how much smoke you like on your cheese.

    Wrap it up for a 10 day nap in the fridge, and just forget about it.  The flavor mellows in a couple weeks.

  3. meateater

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    Todd ^^^^ is being humble!   He make's a great cold smoking unit.
  4. would a cold smoke tube work on a 7 foot tube?
  5. pops6927

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    Get an Amazen Smoker and don't use any charcoal, just that and let 'er smoke in your 7' tube, you'll love the results!  Makes cold smoking a snap!
  6. smokinal

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  7. tjohnson

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    Lots of ways to generate smoke, but filling up your 7' tube for a small batch of cheese is tough.

    I previously posted a thread showing how to smoke in a cardboard box.  Buy a set of cooling racks from Wallyworld and you can stack your cheese in a small area.  The box captures the smoke and keeps it contained in a small area.


  8. Thanks!
  9. rdknb

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    Another recommending the AMS,You can not beat it for cold smoking
  10. well it has been 3 weeks ... and I tried the smoked cheese. It was a total let down. it has a small amount of smoke flavor but the heat (even though it stayed below 110) seemed to change the properties of the cheese, it is really crumbley now.

    Guess I will have to invest in the Amaizing-smoke kit.
  11. bearcarver

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    Looks good!

    I got that crumbly cheese when I froze some. I won't freeze any again.

    AMNS cures many woes!

    If you order one---get the 6" X 8" ----It's worth the extra $5.

  12. hewgag

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    6"x8" AMNS all the way!!!

    Hey Todd.... do you make a 6"x14" by chance? For those extra EXTRA long smokes?
  13. rstr hunter

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    Hey Todd!!! I'd be happy to test this model for you. 
  14. your color looks great, but i would agree with all above that the key is a cold smoke, the more i read the more apparent it looks like i need to add  the mazing to my arsenal, currently using the big kahuna. With the extra sharp cheese i let it run closer to six hours with full smoke and the results are well recieved.

  15. tjohnson

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    No 6x14", but something new in the works [​IMG]


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