My 18.5 LB Smoked Turkey Using Gas Smoker

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    Hello all. My name is Steven and I would like to wish you all a happy turkey day. I have used this forum to get tons of valuable information, but have never posted anything. So, I decided to do my part and share how my turkey is going this year. So here goes it. I will also post a pic later today after we eat and get to see what it looks like inside.

    This pic was after 2 hours right before I put the tent on.

    First off, I brined my 18.5 lb fresh turkey with a with a mix of normal brine solution, sugar, orange juice and apple juice, apples and oranges. I did this overnight.

    I injected with what I guess I would call a homemade honey  cajun butter.

    My vertical smoker has been at 275 the entire time.

    I basted the turkey every hour with a seasoned butter mixture.

    I put a tin foil tent over the breast after 2 hours because the skin looked perfect.

    After 3 hours the temp was 150 in the breast.

    Currently it has been 3 hours 50 minutes and the breast is at 158.

    I plan on taking it off at about 163 in the breast as long as the thighs are up to temp (I have not checked the thigh yet). The temp will rise above 165 while it is resting.

    We are eating at 2 pm est so that means it will be done about an hour early. My plan is to wrap in tin foil and then to wrap in a towel and stick it in a cooler for transport and to keep warm.

    I will post an update pic later with images of the finished product.

    I hope this helps someone like you guys have helped me:)

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