My 170 Gallon RF Propane Tank Build - Have Some Questions (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by jmdribs, Oct 15, 2014.

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    Whats up guys I've decided to jump off into the deep end and start my first RF build. Work gets slow in the winter so I figure it will be a fun winter project. Plus I'll get to work on it with my dad which is always fun.

    Anyways, here is what I got so far

    Picked up a 170 propane tank for $125 from a local propane yard. Here is the inaugural tank fill up with dish soap

    Also got this scrap 120 gallon (I believe?) thrown in as well. I would like to use this for the fire box. According to Feldons pit calc the tank will be within 50 cubic inches of the recommended size once I make a clean cut all the way around the tank just behind the cut out part shown in the picture. How lucky is that!

    I would like to cut a square in this end of the firebox and weld in a frame for the door using some angle iron. I just had to show off my drawing skills in this picture[​IMG]

    I cut a temporary hole where the firebox opening will eventually be using a cutting wheel while the tank was full of water. This is so I can drain the tank and use a plasma cutter to cut the real hole for the fire box and doors.

    Current Questions:

    -What is the best method to mark out the doors on the tank? I would like to have two doors. Should I purchase a wrap around pipe tape?

    -Anyone have ideas on how I can mark the opening for the firebox being that my tank and firebox are both round? I was thinking I would line them up together and then trace the curvature of the firebox on the pit  with a marker attached to a stick

    Thanks for any help!
  2. One good thing about it is if you remove to much steel you can always put it back. It just takes a little longer.

    When you get to cutting out the door. Leave a little metal to hold the door in until you have welded in the hinges. It makes life a lot easier.

    Happy smoken.

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    Thanks for the input. I plan on cutting the top of the doors first and welding on the top flat bar and hinges with tack welds. Then ill make the rest of the cuts and see how everything looks!

    Going to do some more work tonight so I'll update you all once I have some pictures.
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    Got some work done today. No major cuts yet. but I took of all the excess metal off the tanks. I used the grinder to smooth out the welds that I cut. Plus I got to break a few welds with a sledge hammer which is always fun [​IMG]

    Here I cut off the leg of the of the firebox scrap tank. I didn't cut off the other one because it's going to come off when i cut off that side of the tank anyways. I used the plasma cutter and it went really fast. Then hit it with the grinder

    Here is a picture of a piece of metal I have for the firebox door. I got this for free from my grandpa. At first I was worried about the diamond plate because the air damper wouldn't seal properly, but I'll just grind of the diamond plate where the air damper will be so it sits flush against the door for a tight fit. The metal is 1/4 inch so it should work great. Plus the heavy duty hinges I ordered should hold the door no problem

    Here you can see some of the tools im using incluiding the plasma cutter (which is a total beast!). That big grinder works great too

    Not Seen In The Pictures

    -I ordered 6 weld on hinges online. 2 for the firebox door and 4 for the pit doors.

    -I also ordered a chipping hammer to use for my firebox door handle

    -A pipe wrap around tape is also on its way. Once I get this I will start marking out the doors! Can't wait

    I forgot to mention I already have a trailer for this build. Ill post some pictures of it tomorrow. It's a little harbor freight trailer so I hope it withstands the weight of the smoker. We will cross that bridge when we come to it [​IMG]  

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