My 10 LB Pork Shoulder has cooked way too fast

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kiingspade, Dec 12, 2015.

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    So at 7 AM I put it in my el cheapo at the "ideal" temp. Now, I have used this smoker for a few years, and have learned it's little quirks and learned to judge it. At one point I had a high temp spike, and fixed it. Only lasted a few minutes. I was thinking this thing would be done in 12-15 hours, and have guests coming over at 7. So I checked my temps just now and I am up to 185-190. I checked all over the pork, and when I picked up the shoulder with my bear claws some of the pork had started coming off and parts were shredding. I typically keep the fat cap on the bottom, and this time I did not. I trimmed most of it off, and it looks going against what I usually do cost me.

    So I have decided to put the oven at 200 degrees and let it just sit in the oven for a few hours. Is there any other way I can slow this cook down or what should I do?
  2. I wouldn't put it in the oven as it may dry it out. I would pull it off the smoker, double wrap it in heavy duty aluminum foil. Take an empty ice chest, put an old blanket in the bottom, put the wrapped shoulder in and place another blanket on top. It will stay hot inside the chest without drying out until time for your get together. You can also use towels.

    Smoke it up.
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    Sometimes the meat tells you when its done...

    With the info you've given it appears that you may be cooking at a higher temp than you think you are.  Good news is that PB are forgiving and can be cooked well at higher temps. 

    So not knowing a thing about your smoker, I'd ask you if the smoker has a thermometer on it and if  that is what you're using to judge and adjust your smokers temp.  Thermometers that come with smokers are notorious for being inaccurate.   Many on this site use the Maverick dual probe. You may already have one and be using it.   I won't cook without one. 

    IMHO its okay to finish the butt in the oven at 200. I'd wrap it in foil.  You'll lose some bark doing that but it won't dry.  You'll be just fine. 

    Just my opinion. 

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    I take my butts to 205 before removing them from the smoker.  Wrap in foil and towels and into a cooler for at least an hour.  I've held it for three hours in a cooler and it was still too hot to pull by hand.  I think your fine.


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