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  1. I know many use mustard as a glue for rubs. Getting a Farmer John bone in shoulder ready for an overnight smoke and was wondering if there is an alternative to mustard? I read that mustard won't influence the taste of the meat, but is there something to use that will act as glue and influence the flavor? I was thinking of a bacon wrap and then adding the rub, but that seemed a little over the top...although maybe not a bad idea!!! Any thoughts, maybe roasted garlic paste or.........? Just throwing it out there.
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    Nothing is needed to make the rub stick. The meat is wet enough on its own. If you want to add something for flavor's sake, then add whatever you want. Everyone on here seems to be obsessed with bark, so if you're planning to wrap in bacon, it will eliminate any bark you might otherwise have had. In my opinion, it's just a waste of perfectly good bacon. A pork shoulder certainly doesn't need any additional moisture or insulation, and if you want something that tastes like bacon, well, just eat the bacon.
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    Ditto!  Did the mustard thing.....once...will never again.  Meat is naturally sticky and the dry rub will stick with no problems.  My 2 cents!

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    Nope no flavor from the mustard after the cook. Just dampen the meat with water or use a little Olive oil, then add your rub.
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  5. I've used honey on ribs before with good results...I want to try a simple syrup with honey and bourbon soon, tho.
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    X3 No need to put anything but the rub on it.....
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    Must be my Highly Trained, Super Sensitive, Frequently Exercised and Precisely Genetically Designed after Generations of Selective Breeding...TASTE BUDS...But I Taste the Mustard. Like the Mustard and use the Mustard. There is Oil in mustard that helps bring out Fat soluble flavors in the Rub and the Spices compliment the Rub nicely, Coleman's Dry Mustard in the mix. The Mustard I use is good ol' American French's Yellow...JJ

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