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    I know the game , but I can't help but to ask a fellow BBQer if they harvest Morels and if they would mind parting with some?

    There a lot of them around Gibsonburg , but Private Land ta know, and there's NO 'shrooming on thier land, period. Don't blame them , but man they're good and Really ex$pen$ive at mailorder or the ocasional store we see some(less than fresh) Morels.

    That said, are there any Brothers out there that would mind sharing some Morels? I'll pay as long as it doesn't break me.[​IMG]

    I'm west of Toledo , on Rt20 to Rt300 . Pm me and I give a #.

    Thanks , Stan
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    bump for you Dear!

  3. Morels, now there is something I have not for over 45 years.  And I do remember where we go them from that day, so maybe next spring I will go get some.

    If I find lots, maybe I will contact you.  Then we can figure out how to ship them to you.
  4. I pick the milkies here in Pa plus some other kinds like Horse or meadow mushrooms and Black Trumpets The milkies are the Best sort of like a portabello

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