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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jon thomas, May 23, 2013.

  1. As many know I just got my first smoker and used it for the first time last weekend.

    well with this being memorial weekend coming up. Decided we will go for round 2

    so I went grocery shopping and intended to pick up a rack of spare ribs....

    umm yea that went well,

    ended up with

    a half brisket

    a boston butt



    a few steaks

    and 2 racks of ribs

    lol is this normal behavior once the bug bites?

    so that brings me to the question at hand

    placement of the meats in the smoker  ie. top rack or bottom rack

    and what to add to the smoker in what order and at what time

    I mean like brisket for 2 hours then add in the butt  then 30 min add in the ribs

    or whatever order it would be to get them done close to the same time

    yup I will ask for preperation ideas in the appropriate areas a little later today

    thanks for any advice

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    That my friend, you can only answer yourself.

    OK After a little digging I saw a post stating that you have an ECB.

    Ribs I do at 225° - 250° butts I do at 250° - 275° so when I'm doing my Ribs with butts, I use the temp for the ribs, once the ribs are pulled I bump up the temp.

    I also throw on my sausage type meats with he lower heat and pull at 165° IT

    Steaks I would grill but you can put them on the smoker when your'e brisket is about 175°IT (Guess only) then reverse sear steaks on the grill.

    Personally I wouldn't want brats or sausage dripping on my Ribs Buts or Brisket, I would be fine with the Ribs Butts and Brisket dripping on the sausage.

    I do not have a ECB But do have a GOSM Big block

    But to be brutally honest...and you're not going to want to hear this... I would either do everything but the brisket or the Brisket alone.
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    You could start the brisket in the smoker at night, then after you foil it (usually sometime in the morning) put it in the oven set at 230°. Then toss on your ribs and othe stuff onto the smoker.
  5. nothing wrong with being brutally honest :)

    still debating what i will do

    but i do have the trusty old gas grill and can always do the steaks and sausages on that

    might help sort the times

    thank you for the ideas
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    Just hang in there , we'll be here to catch you.

    Start by practicing "Patience", ( you'll see why later ) and find a good Coffee (or your favorite drink) and hang on ,it's gonna be a bumpy ride.[​IMG]

    here's some idea of Ribs for ya...

    and the others , well I'm in for the show [​IMG].

    (translated , that means I and others will be looking for your post if you need help)

    Good luck , my friend - or - should I say  Brother(in smoke) . Have fun and. . .

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